Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve participated in What I Wore Wednesday. Don’t worry, I haven’t been walking around nekkid or anything, but I have been in a bit of a fashion funk. Yeah, I was still putting together my outfits but it was just taking so much effort. And everything was starting to look the same, then I stumbled across Fab Finds Under $50 and my inspiration was renewed.

Each month, Kimberly provides a calendar with daily fashion challenges to try. Fun, no? Now I can’t guarantee that I’ll participate every day but I know that I will try to hit every day that I possibly can.  What I love most about Kimberly’s inspiration pictures is that she uses a variety of body shapes and sizes ~ seriously, sometimes I look at magazines and think there’s no way that this body is getting in to that! Know what I mean?

1. Monday: Black and White Mix

What I Wore Monday

Yes, the black and white outfit is pretty sedate for me but did you notice the gray and white socks? Lori Goldstein, one of my favorite designers, said in an article that you should always wear stripes somewhere in your outfit (even if no one else knows it but you). I thought Omg! How fun and quirky, so right up my ally. So I try to put stripes somewhere just for a bit of fun…

2. Layer a Vest

What I Wore Tuesday

I’ve had this sweater vest in my drawer forever and I think I’ve only worn it maybe once or twice. I love sweater vests but I’m never quite sure how to style it. I think I did OK for this challenge, but the outfit still lacks a certain oomph ~ I think it’s because of all the neutrals. I dunno… Maybe I should have added some burgundy or forest green?

Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?