10 instagrammers you should be following if you like books, coffee, and photography {living outside the stacks} @daenelt on instagram

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I like love to take pictures of my coffee every morning. I see it as a way to greet my friends and start the day with a smile. As I’ve started sharing my photos and exploring different hashtags, I’ve found a whole group of folks who not only share my love of coffee, but who share my love of books and photography, so I thought it’d be fun to introduce you to them. While some of these instagrammers don’t identify themselves as “photographers”, I think, as you scroll through their feeds, you’ll find that they are just that. Some of the folks I’ve included are not necessarily coffee drinkers {I don’t discriminate, I like tea as well}, but they share beautiful food and book combinations. Enjoy, and I hope you discover some new books to read as well as some new Instagram feeds to follow.

In alphabetical order, because librarian:

the.blonde.bookworm ~ I have a book hoarding problem.

the.blonde.bookworm {instagram}

Lovely book photography, book discussions, and recommendations.

booksandbakes ~ Classist and public library worker. My passions are books, baking and Star Wars.

booksandbakes {instagram}

Books and baked goods, what more could you want?

booksovertv ~ Christian Bibliophile Blogger Thrifter Member and supporter of ALA and SACLibFriends.

booksovertv {instagram}

Bookish tips, thrifty book buying recommendations, and a bit of inspiration.

cozybooksandcoffee ~ All things book and coffee.

cozybooksandcoffee {instagram}

Yay! Books and coffee!!

eve_reads ~ Chicago | Cat petter | Tea drinker | Coffee addict | Book Obsessed | Photographer

eve_reads {instagram}

Pretty books and fun discussions.

never_not_reading ~ Never not reading: cataloging a life of good books and what happens between them.

never_not_reading {instagram}

Pretty pictures, book recommendations, and interesting discussions.

pagesandcup ~ Coffee? Book? Let’s Read!

pagesandcup {instagram}

Interesting books, recommendations, and daily life.

readliterature ~ “Literature is like phosphorus: it shines with its maximum brilliance at the moment when it attempts to die.” – Roland Barthes

readliterature {instagram}

Beautiful book photography.

rendezvous_with_reading ~ “Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.” – Mason Cooley

rendezvous_with_reading {instagram}

Beautifully stylized photos of historical fiction with reviews.

verandareads ~ Literature major and coffee addict.

verandareads {instagram}

Lovely books in lovely settings.

If you’re on Instagram, give me a yell, I’m @daenelt. If you’re a librarian please feel free to use the hashtag #librarianandcoffee to share your photos.

Do you have anyone you’d add to the list?

Daenel T {Living Outside the Stacks}





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