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Do you have a workspace at home that you consider yours? You know, a place where your stuff is — your computer, music, etc? Well, this used to be my space, but it has now become my girls’ bedroom {yes, Bleu and Lola now have a full on bedroom in our house}. We’re in the process of relocating my office upstairs in a little alcove in my workout room. Knowing me, it probably won’t stay up there very long. This’ll be the second or third time I’ve moved my office upstairs in the three years that we’ve lived here.

I like it for a little while, then I start to feel disconnected from the rest of the house. Honestly, I’m not really even sure why I’m moving my office up there now… Anyway, the whole point of that story was to say that my dining room table is currently serving as my desk and it just feels odd, so I haven’t felt motivated to share anything, hence the double picture post that’s happening tonight.

On a related note, I can’t believe I’m still keeping up with my 52 Week Project. By now, I’ve usually quit. I think I’m still going because I’m part of a photography loop and it’s helping to keep me accountable. If you want to see some of the other images {and I highly encourage you to do so}, you can see them here: #hs_p52storyteller. Isn’t that some serious talent?

7.52 | Birds Eye View


Just about every morning, I share a cup of coffee with my friends on Instagram. When they’re being cooperative, one or the other of my girls will join me. I snapped this quick shot with my iPhone because it was what I had on hand {and what I use to take a majority of my coffee pictures}.

6.52 | Leading Lines


As some of you know, one of the really cool things that I get to do at my 9 to 5 is take pictures for the college. Taking pictures of the welders is both scary and intense — the space is hot and cramped, the lighting fluctuates due to to the equipment. But the biggest challenge is remembering to not look directly into the light when they’re working. So I set up my shot before they start and I just click the shutter about a dozen or so times and hope that I get one or two shots in focus.


The prompts for the 52 Week Project: 2022 Edition are provided by Tandra Hull in conjunction with her course: Project 52 for the Storyteller with Tandra Hull. This is a year long course that focuses on the elements of storytelling through photography. The goals of the project are to:

    • learn our cameras;
    • become better storytellers;
    • look at our daily lives creatively;
    • capture memories; and
    • improve our editing skills.