Today’s photo tip {as if I’m a professional or something} is to watch your background. I was playing with using natural light and absolutely love the halo that was produced from the bright sun pouring through the windows. But… Do you see the vase of flowers that has sprung from the top of my head? Yeah, totally should have moved that out of the way before taking the picture.

Coffee IIIn the second picture, I switched locations because I wanted to try to get that aura again and see what would happen if I just shifted slightly. I kinda like the side light too. I also think that the background is still a little wonky but I think the picture looks a little more natural. What do you think?

Coffee IIIThe last picture is clearly the best as far as background goes but I still love the lighting in the first shot. So the moral of the story is GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME! But it was fun experimenting with location and lighting.

Also did you notice the cup of coffee? I really needed it today. Well, truth be told, I need it every day but today if I could get an IV hook up I totally would.

How big of a part does background play in your photography? 

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