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Sizing: I’m 5’4″ and a dress size 10 to 12 {M,L}. I wear a size 9.5 shoe

Hi, how are things? This week started off a little nerve wracking and has now settled into a few days of calm followed by I’ve found my rhythm and I’m good. On Monday, I presented my Impact Project for the Louisiana Leadership Academy. I was supposed to present it at last week’s conference, but couldn’t attend because my daughter was sick and my instructor was kind enough to allow me to make it up. I was so nervous.

My project is called PAWS: Professionals Advancing Women’s Success and it’s a mentoring program for women in non-traditional programs. It takes a holistic approach to preparing women for life after graduation through mentorship in leadership skills development, financial literacy, mental and physical health, and career or continuing education prep. I’m pretty excited about implementing it. I’ve already talked to a few of my colleagues as well as some of our community partners and they’re all on board. My plan is to move forward with the program next term.


I’ve missed blogging. I’ve missed sharing outfit posts. This was the way that I stayed connected to people. Somewhere along the way, I lost that connection. Actually, I think it’s when I removed myself from the linkups. I needed a break but I didn’t realize how much I’d miss it. So this is my way of easing my way back into sharing outfit posts and reconnecting with my blogging buddies.

Come back next Wednesday for another week of style…


Everyday Cross Front Top – Kantha Bae | Tank – similar | Jeans – similar | Clogs – Dr. Scholl’s

This was my run around the house/take care of errands outfit. I wanted something casual but comfortable… Like most of the clothes I wear now, the top is a repurposed piece that I purchased from Kantha Bae. In a previous life, it was a cotton sari, now it’s a comfy top that can be worn in a variety of ways {once it gets colder, I plan to layer it over turtle necks and chunky sweaters}. It’d also look cute layered over a dress or under overalls. And y’all know I love clogs. These are from the granddaddy of clogs: Dr. Scholl’s. Unlike traditional clogs, the heels on these aren’t wood, so they’re not noisy when I walk {always a concern with slip on clogs}. The foot bed is also made of an ultra suede material, so they’re super comfortable.

Jumpsuit – Zia Stella | Tee – Similar | Sandals – Birkenstocks

Jumpsuits are my go to when I don’t know what to wear. I knew we’d be hanging out at home, so I also wanted to keep things comfortable. Because of all the colors, this jumpsuit can be worn with any color top, but I tend to stick to black. I get asked what kind of shoes I wear with this: clogs, Birkenstocks, and boots. Really, you can wear any kind of shoe with this. It depends upon how dress or casual you want to go.

Twilight Maxi Dress and Palazzo Pants – Kantha Bae | Sandals – Birkenstocks

Another repurposed outfit from Kantha Bae. Can you tell I love their clothes? Both are vintage silk pieces that have been repurposed. Honestly, I was never much of a silk person until I started buying from Kantha Bae and Zia Stella. I thought the fabrics would either stick to me because of the Louisiana heat and humidity or that they’d be too cold. But I found all of my silk pieces to be pretty comfortable. And, like with any other fabric, these pieces can be layered over or under heavier materials when it starts to get cold.

Top – Umgee | Leggings – Similar | Clogs – Mia

Loook, I do wear other pieces besides vintage saris. This top is so very old. I want to say I bought it in Pennsylvania or Missouri. I don’t wear it very often, but it’s still a favorite of mine. In fact, I like it so much that I also have a black version. I’ve paired this top with yellow ankle pants, but my favorite way to wear it is with black leggings and clogs. I think it keeps everything dressy but comfortable. In fact, I wore this very outfit to work and felt appropriately dressed.

Top – Logo Lavish for QVC | Lace Extender – Angel Heart Boutique | Leggings – Similar | Shoes – Similar

I wore this to work. It was a quiet day and I wouldn’t be taking pictures {so no going into the welding labs} so I could dress a little more ballerina-ish. LOL Seriously, whenever I wear a tunic, leggings, and tons of lace I feel like I should spend the day spinning from point A to point B.

Top – Similar | Cropped Pants – Similar | Clogs – Mia

Another work outfit. The mornings are a little cooler now, so I can wear my long sleeve tops without getting too hot {although I have started having hot flashes so there’s that}. I remember when I saw this top on TV a few years back and I just knew it was gonna end up in my closet. It’s embroidered and y’all know I can’t resist anything with embroidery. I love the vintage handmade vibe that it has and, because there are so many colors, it can be worn with anything. I also like that the sleeves can be worn off the shoulder for a sexy little date night number.

Jumpsuit – Zia Stella | Tee – Similar | Sandals – Birkenstocks

Yup, it’s another jumpsuit. I told you, I love them. One and done dressing. I wore this to work and was super comfortable. My coworkers always compliment me when they see these pieces but they also say only I could get away with wearing the clothes I wear because I’m creative and people expect me to have a funkier style. Ha! I’ve tried dressing a little more traditionally, but it doesn’t feel like me. That being said, when necessary, I can make each of my pieces a little more business appropriate. It really just boils down to adding a few key pieces: a blazer, dress pants, a pencil skirt, or a blouse. I’ll make sure I show you exactly what I mean in the coming weeks.


As you can tell, I’m a big fan of Kantha clothing. Kantha pieces are made of recycled saris, stitched together by women in India and Bangladesh. Kantha pieces are size inclusive, ethically sourced, and made with purpose. If you’d like to try something from the Kantha Bae shop, feel free to use my code: “DAENEL” for $5 off. If you choose to use my code, I’ll receive a commission at no extra charge to you.


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Now go play in your closet,

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