What is your secret (or not~so~secret) passion? ~ Jean Kwok {Guest Prompt}


Right now, my current obsession is photography. I absolutely love taking out my camera, hitting the streets and snapping pictures. I’m by no means a great photographer but I think I’m pretty good. And, even if I’m not, I’m having fun. The pastor at my church has allowed me the privilege of becoming the “unofficial” church photographer, which basically means that I take pictures at our events and post them to our church’s website.

I also take pictures at different social events that I attend. I’ve found that my camera sort of acts as an ice breaker for me. I’ve said before that I sometimes have a hard time making small talk at parties and things, but I’ve found that when I’m behind the lens, I’m a lot more outgoing and I don’t mind putting myself out there and asking people if they mind me taking their pictures (I’ve never had anyone say no, in fact, most people ask for copies of the pictures or links so they can see them). My camera has given me a self confidence that I didn’t know that I have.

It has also helped me with my blogging. Seriously, nothing grabs a reader’s attention like an eye~catching photograph to help support a post. My goal is to become better by, well, eventually reading the instruction manual that came with my camera so I can use more of the settings to my advantage but to also take a couple of classes when time and money permit.

National Blog Posting MonthI use a GE Power Pro X500, which is a cross between a point and shoot and a DSLR. You can see the pictures that I’ve taken with the camera by clicking here. I like it because it gives me many of the same features as a DSLR but with the ease of use of a point and shoot, when I need it.

Do you have a hobby?

Today’s post was written in response to the writing prompt for National Blog Posting Month. For more information, go here.