Symone and Me

Earlier this evening there were 4 missed calls on my cell phone, two from my husband and two from Miss 17 as well as a text message that read: “Call Symone!”  My heart started to race…  I’m at work, what in the heck is so important that it warrants four phone calls and a text?

So I called home and was promptly told “Mom, I’m putting you on speaker phone, ok?  Is that ok?”  I’ve taught my children to warn people before putting them on speaker, it spares people from any potentially embarrassing moments. I agreed and all I heard was “mumble…. static… mumble…. that was Grandma…. So what do you think?”  Um, what?  After having Miss 17 repeat herself four times (that must be our karmic number or something), I finally heard what she was saying…

“…..pleased to announce your early acceptance….  Lock Haven University class of 2015!”

I started crying at the Reference Desk, my baby was accepted at her first choice. I’m so not ready for this.