Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

I’m Guest Posting at the mahogany way birth cafe

the mahogany way cafe

Almost 16 years ago, I traded in my sporty little white Ford Escort GT for a mini van.  Not a “swagga wagon” but a big teal green got a pack of screaming kids in the back and gooey stuff between the seats mini van.  I was twenty~two years old and in no way prepared for three car seats (!), but nine days before I was due to give birth, the doctor announced that I was having twins…

A few weeks ago, Darcel from  The Mahogany Way tweeted about a desire to collect birth stories from women of color for her blog, the mahogany way birth cafe, a birth talk blog for women of color.  I replied that the delivery of my twins took me by surprise (9 days notice, y’all) and across 3 states.  Darcel immediately contacted me and asked if I’d share my story.  Of course, I agreed because Darcel is a fabulous blogger who is creating a community for women of color to share their mothering experiences.

the mahogany way birth cafe is a place where women can gather to share stories about pregnancy, get tips on birthing and encourage each other as they travel this journey called motherhood.  Check her out on Twitter ~ @MahoganyWayMama ~  and Facebook!

To read the rest of my birth story, head on over to the mahogany way birth cafe