Facebook: Living Outside the Stacks
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I love that song by Al Green, whenever I hear it on the radio, I just start singing and swaying… But, lately, I’ve been thinking about it in relationship to you, my readers. You see, I’ve heard that Google Friend Connect will be going by way of the cassette tape real soon. A moment of silence for all the songs that were recorded from the radio with a big ol’ pause while you tried to skip the DJ’s voice overs. According to my stats, there’s about 236 of y’all who follow this blog via GFC and I don’t wanna lose nary one of y’all.

According to TechCrunch, GFC is being replaced with Google+ in the near future so all of us bloggers have to figure out another way to keep connected. I’ve created a Google+ page for this blog but I’m not sure how or if I’ll use it just yet. If you’re using Google+ already I’d be interested to know how you set it up and if you’ve found it useful or overwhelming. I already have a Facebook page for this blog and, well, we have a pretty good thing going on over there and I don’t want to disrupt it. ¬†Besides, I think trying to manage this blog, Facebook and Twitter are enough without adding anything else to the mix.

Anyway, I’d love for you to join me on Facebook ~ you can keep up with my blog posts, join in the conversations, share pictures and just have a real good time. You can also continue to get my blog posts in your reader of choice by clicking here. But whatever you do, let’s stay together…¬†See how I brought that back around, I’m clever like that.