Shoe Style Saturday

Frankenstein Shoes.  Roach Killers.  Snow Crushers.  Butt Ugly Shoes.  These shoes have been called just about every name in the book, yet, they’ve remained in my closet for almost 13 years.  Whenever I feel insecure or unsure about something, these are my go~to shoes.  No, they’re not pretty.  They’re not even comfortable.  Yet, there’s something about them that makes me feel strong and confident when I slip them on my feet.  Maybe it’s the heaviness of the sole that remind me of my days in the Army.  Oh, you should have seen me then.  I was The Woman.  I oozed confidence.  Or maybe it’s the barely hanging on by a prayer strap that refuses to snap, no matter how much I tug.  Cancer, unemployment, returning to college as an adult student, it’s caused me to bend and sway but never to snap…  Yeah, they’re ugly but they’re the footwear equivalent of a wooby.

What brings you comfort when you’re feeling insecure?

Shoe Style SaturdayTo participate in Shoe Style Saturday, all you have to do is

  • take a picture of your shoes
  • post them to your blog
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So, come on and show me your femme fatale flats, those sexy stilettos and pin~up peep toes, yes,  even your racy runners.

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