Coffee Talk {Living Outside the Stacks}1. Pregnancy tests aren’t just for solving those “Am I or aren’t I” riddles anymore. Apparently, pregnancy tests can diagnose testicular cancer. I know, right? How in the world do we know this? Well, some guy decided to take a pregnancy test as a joke and the dang thing came back positive! After posting the test online, some folks told old boy that he needed to go to the doctor’s and get checked out. Turns out he had a small testicular tumor. Duuude… You can look up all the medical jargon on your own but the quick story is that pregnancy tests detect the amount of the hormone beta human chorionic gonadotropin {hCG} in a woman’s urine. The hCG lebels help to determine how far alng a woman is in her pregnancy. This same hormone is present in males who have testicular cancer. Mind blown.

2. A mail carrier in Denver has been put on administrative leave for stepping around the body of a man who collapsed and died near his front door. In the mailman’s defense, it was around Halloween and he thought the body was a mannequin or some left over Halloween decorations. See, that’s why I don’t decorate my house for Halloween.

3. Speaking of dead bodies, Sherman Hemsley still hasn’t been buried. For three months, his body has been sitting in an El Paso funeral home while his former business manager, a long lost brother and a “cousin” fight over the actor’s estate. Seriously, people, y’all can’t show the man some respect and allow him to be buried? Triflin‘.

What had you scratchin’ your head this week?