Things That Leave Me Scratchin'  My Head {Coffee Talk}1. So George Zimmerman’s defense team released the video of his re~enactment of the events surrounding the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, and I’ve heard that this may be the thing that gets him acquitted because it shows self defense. Ummm, what? NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED HAD HE STAYED HIS TAIL IN THE CAR LIKE THE DISPATCHER SAID!

2. Have you seen the video of the kids bullying the 69~year~old bus monitor, Karen Klein? You can watch it by going here. I was absolutely floored. I cannot believe the level of disrespect those kids showed towards that lady, a senior citizen. How dare those kids fix their mouths to speak to an adult like that?

I think there are several causes for this:

  • No home training {if parents would parent instead of friend their kids, their kids would understand that respect for their elders is expected at all times}
  • General lack of civility {people, in general, have become less civil, even the basics like “thank you”, “excuse me”, etc have fallen by the wayside}
  • Gang mentality {kids who would otherwise behave in a mature and responsible manner, get caught up in group think}

After viewing the video, I wondered at the response of the parents of the kids involved… I wanted to know what kind of punishment these kids would be facing, ‘cause I know if it were my kid, there would be heck to pay… Anyway, one of the fathers said he feels that the kids have been punished enough because their faces and the video have been played all over the news and web. Ummm, unacceptable, dude

3. At least we know justice will be served in one case, apparently, the father who beat his daughter’s molester to death won’t be charged. I think you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who would find that man guilty. It’s not like he heard about the act or suspected the act, he walked in on the man molesting his child and lost it. I cannot blame him. Not that I advocate murder or anything, but I wish more parents would choose to defend their children, instead of selling them out for a better life, a quick buck, fame or whatever they gain at the price of their child’s innocence.

4. Kristen Stewart tops the Forbes’ list of highest paid actresses. Does that mean she finally has something to smile about? Good grief, I’ve never seen a more miserable looking person.

What had you scratching your head this week?