Coffee Talk 1. This week the Supreme Court struck down legislation that makes it a crime to lie about winning military honors {also known as the Stolen Valor Act} on the grounds that it violates the First Amendment {free speech}. Ummm, there is so much wrong with that decision… First of all, how about the fact that it disrespects those who died, were injured or maimed for really winning military honors? Second of all, shouldn’t there be some things that are so sacred that they should be protected? And, yes, I realize that this is a slippery slope but I think our soldiers and vets deserve the utmost respect and honor. Boo and hiss to the Supremes.

2. Ann Curry. shaking my head NBC execs, y’all know y’all some shady characters. How in the world are y’all gonna treat such a classy lady in such a classless way? For 15 years, she supported you all through your good times and your bad times and you give her a 15 minute exit? Seriously? Ann, honey, on to bigger and better, right? Sending you lots of love and prayers.

3. Are you on Pinterest? I am, you can follow me here. Anyway, tell me this is not the most pinworthy thing you’ve seen in a long time! All of these dresses are made out of paper. Paper!!!! Designer Isabelle de Borchgrave came up with the idea after recognizing the versatility of paper and how the crinkles and wrinkles resembled the finest silks and satins. Gorgeous, no?

4. Remember last week when I talked about bus monitor, Karen Klein? Well, she’s supposedly received a ton o’ money from the interwebs to assuage her hurt feelings. Ya know, I think what those kids did was absolutely awful but to get paid for it? I think the kids who did the teasing should have been made to spend their summer cutting her grass, washing windows, painting fences, etc. But getting a little over $64,000? Ridunkulous.

What had you scratching your head this week?