Welcome to week seven of my Project 52: 2019 Edition. If you’d like to see the prompts that I’m using, read this post.

Week 7 Love {living outside the stacks} #livingoutsidethestacks (1)

Bollinger Mill Covered Bridge

This is a photo from the archives, but it’s one of my favorites. You can see other images from the Bollinger Mill Covered Bridge by clicking here. When I lived in Missouri, I used to go to the mill to think. And take pictures. Back then my photos relied heavily on editing rather than skill. I can see the difference between how I shot then and how I shoot now. I wish I had the opportunity to go back and shoot again. I see so many things I’d do differently. That’s growth and I’m happy to see it.

Do you see the names carved into the beams? Whenever I see names carved into trees, benches, or bridges, I wonder about them… Are they still together? Were they teenage loves? Was it a first love?

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Happy Snapping,

Daenel T {Living Outside the Stacks}





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