Welcome to week eight of my Project 52: 2019 Edition. If you’d like to see the prompts that I’m using, read this post.

This week’s prompt is Winter. I know this isn’t a typically winter scene, but it is our winter.


Welding {living outside the stacks}

I took this at the SkillsUSA Competition at my school. I’d never heard of this until last week. Welders from different technical schools in the area came to our school to compete against each other. They take a series of written and welding skills tests – it’s so very cool. From what I understand, the nursing students also compete against each other in much the same way.


Welding {living outside the stacks}

I’ll be honest, I like the unedited image better but since this is a photography challenge, I figured I should edit the image and make it look a little different from the original.

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Happy Snapping,

Daenel T {Living Outside the Stacks}





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