Have you ever gone back through your outfit pictures, looked at something and thought: Hmmmm, why haven’t I worn that again? That’s totally what I was thinking when I looked at this picture from 2012. Like, seriously, this is such a “Daenel outfit”…

So I’m resharing the post in the hopes that you’ll be inspired to go back through your closet and revisit a fashion fave.

What I Wore Sunday

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret, I absolutely positively love Junk Gypsies on HGTV, so when I went to their website and saw that mug on sale, I just had to have it. Unfortunately, you can’t see it very well in that picture, but trust me, it’s one big honkin’ hunk of ceramic fabulousness. I didn’t receive any compensation for this, I just big puffy heart that show and, well, that ginormous mug helps me to get my coffee happy on.

What I Wore Sunday

Anyway, I wore this outfit to church on Sunday, the dress is a little somethin’ somethin’ I picked up from Walmart a few years ago but rarely wear. Not really sure why, since I absolutely adore it. And, yo, it was a steal for something like $12. The jacket has been in my closet forever.

What I Wore Sunday

See how I’m finally starting to work accessories into my outfit? I don’t know why it’s taken me so long, I have so much great stuff that just sits in my drawer…

What I Wore Sunday

Ever since we moved to Missouri a year ago, I have been dying to get a pair of cowboy boots. I mean, like seriously scoping out cowboy boots only to get sticker shock. As much as I love shoes, there’s no way I could justify the price. So when my coworkers and I went into this little consignment shop called The Clothesline, I about fainted when I spotted a red pair sitting on a shelf. Honestly, how perfect are those boots? And they only cost me $8.50. Shut the front door! Total score, right?

What I Wore Sunday {Living Outside the Stacks}

So what outfit will you revisit?

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