29th Jun2012

Things That Leave Me Scratchin’ My Head {Coffee Talk}

by Daenel

Coffee Talk 1. This week the Supreme Court struck down legislation that makes it a crime to lie about winning military honors {also known as the Stolen Valor Act} on the grounds that it violates the First Amendment {free speech}. Ummm, there is so much wrong with that decision… First of all, how about the fact that it disrespects those who died, were injured or maimed for really winning military honors? Second of all, shouldn’t there be some things that are so sacred that they should be protected? And, yes, I realize that this is a slippery slope but I think our soldiers and vets deserve the utmost respect and honor. Boo and hiss to the Supremes.

2. Ann Curry. shaking my head NBC execs, y’all know y’all some shady characters. How in the world are y’all gonna treat such a classy lady in such a classless way? For 15 years, she supported you all through your good times and your bad times and you give her a 15 minute exit? Seriously? Ann, honey, on to bigger and better, right? Sending you lots of love and prayers.

3. Are you on Pinterest? I am, you can follow me here. Anyway, tell me this is not the most pinworthy thing you’ve seen in a long time! All of these dresses are made out of paper. Paper!!!! Designer Isabelle de Borchgrave came up with the idea after recognizing the versatility of paper and how the crinkles and wrinkles resembled the finest silks and satins. Gorgeous, no?

4. Remember last week when I talked about bus monitor, Karen Klein? Well, she’s supposedly received a ton o’ money from the interwebs to assuage her hurt feelings. Ya know, I think what those kids did was absolutely awful but to get paid for it? I think the kids who did the teasing should have been made to spend their summer cutting her grass, washing windows, painting fences, etc. But getting a little over $64,000? Ridunkulous.

What had you scratching your head this week?

28th Jun2012

Book Tour: Passing Love by Jacqueline E. Luckett

by Daenel

Passing Love by Jacqueline E. LuckettBOOK DESCRIPTION (FROM THE BACK OF THE BOOK)

Nicole~Marie Handy has loved all things French since she was a child. After the death of her best friend, determined to get out of her rut, she goes to Paris, leaving behind a marriage proposal. While there, Nicole chances upon an old photograph of her father ~ lovingly inscribed, in his hand, to a woman Nicole has never heard of. What starts as a vacation quickly becomes an unexpected adventure.

Moving back and forth between the sparkling Paris of today and the jazz~fueled city filled with expatriates in the 1950s, Passing Love is the story of two women dealing with lost love, secrets and betrayal…and how the City of Light may hold all the answers.


Jacqueline E. LuckettAfter leaving the corporate world, Jacqueline took a creative writing class on a dare, from herself, and began writing short stories and poetry and never looked back. Her essay, “Traveling with Ghosts,” was included in Best Women’s Travel Writing 2011. She is the author of two novels, Passing Love and Searching for Tina Turner.

Connect with Jacqueline E. Luckett on her blog, Jacqueline Luckett, Facebook and Twitter.


I absolutely adored this book! I’m a big fan of the Jazz Age and post~World War II African American culture, but those two topics are usually only covered within the confines of American society. Taking the concepts of racism, black womanhood, poverty and expectation across the Atlantic and intertwining it with romance, mystery, secrets and lies made for a delightful read.

This novel is part history lesson, part fantasy and a whole lot of “oh no she didn’t”. The sometimes antagonistic mother~daughter relationship is played out in a loving way that makes it relatable to women of all ages no matter what their relationships with their mothers. I also enjoyed the way Luckett handled the exploration of parents as people before they came together and created families.  Did Mom or Dad really love someone before they met each other?

Overall, this is a terrific read and would make for some wonderfully creative book group discussions.



Disclaimer: This book was provided to me courtesy of TLC Book Tours in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.


27th Jun2012

Twelve {What I Wore Wednesday}

by Daenel

Hi, everyone! I hope you’re having a fabulous week so far. I know I am. First of all, I’m being featured at Librarian Dreams by Evelynn Alfred, for her Highly Textured Librarian feature. Second, I’m chillin’ with the family and enjoying some rest and relaxation. And, third, I’ve been doing a little bit of shopping!

Can you believe I have two outfit posts this week? I think this may be a record for me. Lately I’ve barely managed to squeeze out one half way decent picture. I don’t know why but I was feeling pretty lazy for a hot minute, but I think I’m back on track now.

What I Wore Saturday

What I Wore Saturday {Living Outside the Stacks}

I wore this to run some errands and hang out with the hubs. It’s cute, flowy and, believe it or not, pretty cool considering it’s black. I think I was attracted to the top because of the embroidery, isn’t it pretty? Definitely leans towards that boho vibe that I like so much. It wasn’t until I saw the pictures that I realized how sheer the top is, next time a cami will be worn underneath.

What I Wore Sunday

What I Wore Sunday {Living Outside the Stacks}

This is what I wore to church on Sunday. So cute and comfy. The skirt is long and flowy (gosh, what is with me and that word lately?) and the sweater is thin. I should have taken a picture of the back, it has a slit very similar to the front, except it ties so you can wear it up on the shoulders or do that one shoulder thing a la “Flashdance”. The necklace is a cute little something something I picked up at an antique store in Bollinger Mill.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with what I’ve worn this week. It beats the tee and capris I’ve been living in…

So what did you wear this week? 

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26th Jun2012

July Photo A Day {Photography}

by Daenel

Once again, I failed at taking daily pictures. What is wrong with me? I have a fabulous camera and nothing but time? Have the lazies set in? Has my creativity plunged? Am I uninspired? The answer to all of those questions has to be a big ol’ loud “NO!” because last month’s prompts were so much fun. For me to watch. From the sidelines. But not again. In the month of July, I shall prevail! I will conquer the photographic blahs.

And to make sure I follow through, not only will I post my pictures on Instagram (you can follow me here) but I’ll also post my faves every Thursday. So please check back to see what I’ve captured.

Now for this month’s prompts, courtesy of Chantelle at FAT MUM SLIM

Photo A Day July

Would you like to participate? Here are the rules:

  • Starting 1 July take a picture using the prompt.
  • Once you’ve taken your photo, share the picture on your blog, Facebook page, Twitterflickr or other preferred social media page. If you’re sharing on Twitter or Instagram, use the hashtag #photoadayJune so others can find your photos.

If you’d like to see my challenge submissions, please click here.

25th Jun2012

Losing Weight and Getting Healthy #2 {#Cinchspiration}

by Daenel

It’s been a full week since I started using the Cinch® Inch Loss Plan to lose weight naturally. And I’m already seeing and feeling a difference. But before I give you an update, let me tell you what I’ve been doing and what I’ve learned works and doesn’t work for me.

The Cinch® Inch Loss Transformation Kit arrived with a month’s worth of supplies:

  • Cinch® Inch Loss Plan Transformation KitChocolate Shake mix
  • Vanilla Shake mix
  • Full~size shake samples
  • Almond Blueberry Meal Bars
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Meal Bars
  • Pomegranate Energy Tea
  • Lemon Cranberry Snack Bars
  • Chocolate Decadence Snack Bars
  • Peanut Butter Crunch Snack Bars
  • 3-in-1 Boost Dietary Supplement

#Cinchspiration ShakeBasically, the plan is to either eat a bar or drink a shake for breakfast and lunch (taking a dietary supplement with each meal), eat snack bar between lunch and dinner, then eat a sensible dinner. It’s also recommended that you drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day and engage in at least 30 minutes of exercise a minimum of 3 times a week.

According to my weight loss plan, I have to eat 1200 calories per day and burn roughly 93 calories per day. While that may not seem like it’d make much difference, it does when you’re strength training and doing cardio exercises. The thing that makes the Cinch® Inch Loss Plan different from other diet programs is that it helps you to lose inches not muscle (so you’re losing fat and keeping the hard stuff).

My workouts consist of walking at least 2 miles per day and/or doing 20 to 40 minutes of Zumba. I’ve also added this 10 minute arm workout to my routine. So I average anywhere between 200 and 700 calories burned a day, depending upon my workout schedule for that day. I’d like to add more strength training to my routine but that’ll come in time.

The one thing that I’ve found that doesn’t work for me with this program is not maintaining a regular eating schedule. If I go off schedule I get pretty hungry and pretty cranky. The shakes and the meal bars are incredibly filling but I’ve been waking later than usual, which is throwing off my schedule, so I’m eating later than normal and it’s got me all out of whack.

#Cinchspiration Week 1 Weight Loss {Living Outside the Stacks}

Weight Loss: 3 lbs

Goal Weight: 135 lbs

I’m pretty proud of myself, I surpassed last week’s goal of losing 2 lbs! I cannot tell you how happy I am to be in the 150s again. This is crazy exciting and just the motivation that I need to go harder and stronger!

This week, my goals are to:

  • maintain a regular eating schedule
  • increase my strength training
  • drink more water
  • eat more fruits and vegetables

To watch my story unfold, stay tuned as I blog, Facebookvlog, tweet and pin my inches lost. You can follow the Team Cinchspiration conversation on Twitter using #Cinchspiration. I’m also on Instagram, you can follow me here.

Please keep cheering me on, remember your words of encouragement, support and advice are so very important to me. Thank you!

Disclosure: I am receiving free Cinch® Inch Loss Plan products from the Shaklee Corporation in exchange for my participation in the #Cinchspiration campaign. All opinions are my own.

22nd Jun2012

Things That Leave Me Scratchin’ My Head {Coffee Talk}

by Daenel

Things That Leave Me Scratchin'  My Head {Coffee Talk}1. So George Zimmerman’s defense team released the video of his re~enactment of the events surrounding the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, and I’ve heard that this may be the thing that gets him acquitted because it shows self defense. Ummm, what? NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED HAD HE STAYED HIS TAIL IN THE CAR LIKE THE DISPATCHER SAID!

2. Have you seen the video of the kids bullying the 69~year~old bus monitor, Karen Klein? You can watch it by going here. I was absolutely floored. I cannot believe the level of disrespect those kids showed towards that lady, a senior citizen. How dare those kids fix their mouths to speak to an adult like that?

I think there are several causes for this:

  • No home training {if parents would parent instead of friend their kids, their kids would understand that respect for their elders is expected at all times}
  • General lack of civility {people, in general, have become less civil, even the basics like “thank you”, “excuse me”, etc have fallen by the wayside}
  • Gang mentality {kids who would otherwise behave in a mature and responsible manner, get caught up in group think}

After viewing the video, I wondered at the response of the parents of the kids involved… I wanted to know what kind of punishment these kids would be facing, ‘cause I know if it were my kid, there would be heck to pay… Anyway, one of the fathers said he feels that the kids have been punished enough because their faces and the video have been played all over the news and web. Ummm, unacceptable, dude

3. At least we know justice will be served in one case, apparently, the father who beat his daughter’s molester to death won’t be charged. I think you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who would find that man guilty. It’s not like he heard about the act or suspected the act, he walked in on the man molesting his child and lost it. I cannot blame him. Not that I advocate murder or anything, but I wish more parents would choose to defend their children, instead of selling them out for a better life, a quick buck, fame or whatever they gain at the price of their child’s innocence.

4. Kristen Stewart tops the Forbes’ list of highest paid actresses. Does that mean she finally has something to smile about? Good grief, I’ve never seen a more miserable looking person.

What had you scratching your head this week?


21st Jun2012

Thank You {This Or That Thursday}

by Daenel

#Cinchspiration Peanut Butter Crunch Bar

I just wanted to take this time to thank all of you who’ve been so supportive of me as I’ve begun my weight loss journey with Team #Cinchspiration. Your kind words of support, your cheers, your questions, everything has helped me to push forward. As you know, starting (and starting in such a public way) can be daunting but knowing that you guys are out there supporting me.

To watch my story unfold, stay tuned as I blog, Facebookvlog, tweet and pin my inches lost. You can follow the Team Cinchspiration conversation on Twitter using #Cinchspiration.

I’m linking up with Deb of Deb Duty Photography for This or That Thursday.

Disclosure: I am receiving free Cinch® Inch Loss Plan products from the Shaklee Corporation in exchange for my participation in the #Cinchspiration campaign. All opinions are my own.

20th Jun2012

Thank You for Your Steadfast Love {Word Filled Wednesday}

by Daenel

Psalm 136:1

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19th Jun2012

Rollin’ Like a Boss

by Daenel

HummerFor years, every time my family wanted to go somewhere we had to take two vehicles because there wasn’t enough room in one car for everyone. Truth be told, the only time it really became an issue was when we wanted to take a vacation or visit family but, for the most part, we were all on different schedules so we rarely traveled en masse until we moved here. Now things are different.

The Boy Driving the HummerWe want to hang out together. So the hubs and I started talking and praying about trading in my car for something bigger. We told God the desires of our hearts and explained that we didn’t want to pay any more for a bigger car than what we were paying for my car. God already knew this but sometimes you need to verbally express these things. Anyway, a few weeks ago, the hubs asked me what kind of vehicle I wanted andI told him that I wanted a Hummer. You should have seen his jaw drop. Once I convinced him that I wasn’t kidding, we started searching for a Hummer. And we found one.

Hummer Collage

For nearly two weeks, we drove by the car lot, stopping on occasion just to start it up. Neither of us dared to take it for a test drive, lest we fall truly madly deeply in love. And that’s exactly what happened on Friday. We decided on a whim to take it on a test drive. Within the hour we were sitting at the salesman’s desk praying Psalm 37:4 “Delight thyself also in the LORD: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” {KJV} Since moving to Missouri, we have made a concerted effort to draw closer to God and move within His will. So we prayed that the Lord would give us the desires of our hearts (a vehicle that can carry our family with a low payment). And that is exactly what He did.

We didn’t force anything. We said our prayer, and told God if it’s not His will or if we can’t afford it, don’t let it happen. He allowed it and now we can travel together. And I couldn’t be happier.

18th Jun2012

Losing Weight and Getting Healthy #1 {#Cinchspiration}

by Daenel

#Cinchspiration Before Picture CollageY’all know I must truly believe in this product if I’m posting full~length, non~sucked~in pictures with weight and measurements on this blog for everyone to see. This is a big step for me, so I’m begging you to be kind. It’s a little hard to see myself looking like this. I want this to change. I need this to change. It will change.

Today I begin the Cinch® Inch Loss Plan with 49 other ladies. I’m nervous and excited, but more than either of those, I’m ready to do this. The Cinch Inch Loss Plan offers healthy ways to lose weight through meal replacement bars, shakes, natural supplements along with a sensible meal. And, of course, exercise!

Unlike with other weight loss programs, I won’t be doing this alone. I’ll have a support system comprised of women who know what it feels like to be overweight, women with a desire to lose weight naturally and get in shape… Although this is a competition, we’re going to support and encourage each other because this isn’t just about dieting, this is about changing our lives. And with help from Shaklee, we’ll lose weight and inches without losing muscle (you can read all about the Shaklee Cinch Program by going here).

Current Weight

Goal Weight: 135 lbs

So today begins a 6 month long journey to a newer, thinner and healthier me. To watch my story unfold, stay tuned as I blog, Facebookvlog, tweet and pin my inches lost. You can follow the Team Cinchspiration conversation on Twitter using #Cinchspiration.

Disclosure: I am receiving free Cinch® Inch Loss Plan products from the Shaklee Corporation in exchange for my participation in the #Cinchspiration campaign. All opinions are my own.

16th Jun2012

Happy Father’s Day!

by Daenel

Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge over the Mississippi River

I’d like to wish all the dads out there a very happy Father’s Day. My prayer for each and every one of you is that you will show the love and guidance for your family that God has shown toward us.

15th Jun2012

Things That Leave Me Scratchin’ My Head {Coffee Talk}

by Daenel

Coffee? Tea? Grab a Cup and Let's Talk...1. Burger King announced that it will be introducing the bacon sundae throughout the U.S. this summer. That is all.

2. House Hunters isn’t real, y’all. You know the show on HGTV that shows families touring, opining on and, ultimately, purchasing a new home, well, it’s staged. Is nothing sacred? According to the blog, Hooked on Houses, (written by Bobi, a former participant on the show), she and her husband had to actually purchase a home before they were selected to be on the show, then they asked friends if they could “tour” their homes for the show. I’m not totally surprised by this news but I am surprised to find out that so many other people are shocked by this news. Hey, people, it’s “reality TV”, none of it’s “real”.

3. The Sandusky trial. I didn’t say much online when the case first broke because I was so utterly stunned by the attitudes of those directly who were directly and indirectly involved but now all I can say is “What the heck?” Sandusky was first confronted in 1998 by one of the victim’s mothers and nothing was done about it? Not even an investigation. Are you friggin’ kidding me? And the president of the University didn’t want to confront Sandusky because it would be “inhumane”. Seriously? What about the children?

What had you scratching your head this week?

13th Jun2012

Eleven {What I Wore Wednesday}

by Daenel

Hi everyone! Hope you’ve had a great week so far. Mine has been exciting, crazy hectic and a little bit eek! We’re having Vacation Bible School at our church and, although, I’m not teaching any of the classes, I am photographing the various events, so I have to try to keep up with all the little people. And I had an interview for a job yesterday which totally contributed to me feeling all blergh… I’ll be glad when things get back to normal.

Anyway, let’s get on to What I Wore Wednesday…

What I Wore Wednesday

This is actually what I bought Wednesday. I saw this dress at JCPenney and fell in love. As in I couldn’t leave it in the store. It’s a medium, I’m a large but they only had one medium and two smalls. I really wanted this dress. So I bought it and it will become my incentive dress for #Cinchspiration. I was selected to be one of 50 female bloggers to join Team #Cinchspiration in a weight loss blogging program (you can read about that here). I’m going to need lots of cheerleaders, so please join me on FacebookPinterest and/or Twitter.You can read more about #Cinchspiration by clicking here.

What I Wore Tuesday

This is what I wore to my interview yesterday. I changed three times before I actually settled on this suit. It’s so incredibly hard trying to figure out what to wear. You wanna be professional and you wanna let your personality come through but you need to hold back on the crazy. Fashion balance is a tight rope to walk.

So what did you wear this week? 

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Disclosure: I am receiving free Cinch® Inch Loss Plan products from the Shaklee Corporation in exchange for my participation in the #Cinchspiration campaign.

09th Jun2012

RV Hunting {Shoe Style Saturday}

by Daenel

Hi, everyone! I hope you’ve had a pleasant week. Things have been going really well over here. So many exciting things are happening: I was selected to be one of 50 female bloggers to join Team #Cinchspiration in a weight loss blogging program (you can read about that here). I’m going to need lots of cheerleaders, so please join me on FacebookPinterest and/or Twitter.

RV Hunting {Shoe Style Saturday}

Today the hubs and I went RV hunting. This has been a long time dream of his. I, on the other hand, have been horrified at the idea of peeing in the back of a bus. That is until he took me to the RV park today. Whoa… 


I was expecting something close to a tent on wheels, not a mobile home.

RV KitchenThe kitchens are fully functional, some of them even had nice fixtures like you’d find in a real live actual honest to goodness house.

The hubs fell head over heels for one that had a “back porch”. Yes, you read it right, a back porch. Wait, let me correct that, a screened in back porch with rocking chairs. There are remotes that raise and lower two bunk beds. RV HuntingThere’s a television on the OUTSIDE of the camper so you can sit outside and watch the game. How crazy cool is that? Totally and completely unnecessary but incredibly cool.

After a little over an hour of walking around and checking out the various interiors, I can finally understand my husband’s dream and I am so there. By the end of our hunt, I’d mentally mapped out all of the places I’d like for us to go. Hopefully, we’ll be in a position to hit the open road next summer.

Where did your shoes take you this week?

To participate in Shoe Style Saturday, all you have to do is:Shoe Style Saturday

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So, come on and show me your femme fatale flats, those sexy stilettos and pin~up peep toes, yes, even your racy runners.

08th Jun2012

Things That Leave Me Scratchin’ My Head {Coffee Talk}

by Daenel

Coffee Talk

1. Did you hear about that mom who was arrested for cheering at her daughter’s high school graduation? Other than clapping and yelling “That’s my baby!” what could she have possibly done to warrant arrest? Was she falling on people? Did she hurt anyone? Most parents cheer for the kids because they know what it took to get them to that point. I cheered for Miss 18 and I cried for her. I will cheer for Mr. and Miss 16 and Miss 15 when their day comes…

2. Have you been watching the news lately? Apparently the folks in Washington are upset about all the intel leaks that are going on… Um, yeah, why are they even discussing that stuff? It’s because someone can’t keep his or her mouth shut that the doctor who assisted in the Bin Laden assassination is doing 33 years in a Pakistani prison. We shouldn’t even know who this guy is or where he and his family are living. Seriously, guys, what the heck?

3. What is with these crazy zombie~like attacks? First there was that naked guy who ate the face off another guy (who he allegedly stripped naked prior to the attack), apparently, he even growled at the cops when they yelled at him to stop attacking the guy… And have you seen his girlfriend on TV talking about what a kind and gentle man he was? No way in the world would I ever admit to knowing much less dating someone who ate the face off of another person. And why is Gloria Allred representing that woman? Then there was the man whose wife’s ex~husband bit off of a quarter size amount of skin on his cheek… I know the police are saying that this crazy has less to do with zombies and more to do with bath salts, but, yo…

What had you scratching your head this week?

07th Jun2012

This Week’s Fave Photos {This or That Thursday}

by Daenel

Hi, everyone! I hope you’ve had a pleasant week. Things have been going really well over here. So many exciting things are happening: I was selected to be one of 50 female bloggers to join Team #Cinchspiration in a weight loss blogging program (you can read about that here). I’m going to need lots of cheerleaders, so please join me on Facebook, Pinterest and/or Twitter.

Now on to this week’s This or That photos… I’m just sharing some of my favorite photos from this week, you know pictures that for whatever reason haven’t made it to my blog. Hope you enjoy…


In the Garage

Black and White Legs

Apple Slices

My Workspace

Nothing special, just trying to find the beauty in the ordinary…

Do you ever do that? Take pictures of random stuff just to see?

I’m linking up with Deb of Deb Duty Photography for This or That Thursday.

06th Jun2012

Ten {What I Wore Wednesday}

by Daenel

Confession: I’ve been living in jeans and t~shirts for the last two weeks.

Dressing just hasn’t been in the cards lately. I simply haven’t felt like putting forth much effort. I’ve become the lady who stands in front of her closet, with her hands on her hips, declaring “I have nothing to wear.”

The one day I did dress up was Sunday. I bought this dress a few years ago to wear to a wedding and I think I’ve only worn it one other time since then. And, honestly, this was the first time in a long time that I truly felt pretty. I felt sorta vintage chic…

What I Wore Wednesday

In fact, I felt so pretty that I decided to play with the camera a little bit and this is what I got…

What I Wore Wednesday

What I Wore Wednesday

So what did you wear this week? 

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05th Jun2012

His Works are Wondrous {Photography}

by Daenel

Wondrous Works

I’m fascinated by the sky. No matter where we are or what we’re doing, I’m always looking up at the sun, the clouds, the stars, the lightning, everything… It just amazes me that each and every day, from moment to moment really, that things can just look so different. God is an incredible artist, His works are wondrous and worthy of all praise.

What amazes you most about God’s work? Is it the colors in a rainbow? The sound of birds chirping?  The sweet smile on a child’s face? What makes you sit back and say “Look at God”?

A couple of times a week, I plan to share what I’ve learned from my discussions with the ladies from the Women’s Bible Café and my readings from the book  Knowing God by Name: A Personal Encounter by Mary Kassian. For more information on the study, you can check out the Women’s Bible Cafe on Facebook by clicking here.

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04th Jun2012

I’m a #Cinchspiration Blogger!

by Daenel

Team #CinchspirationI’ve never hidden the fact that I struggle with my weight but it’s not something that I broadcast on a regular basis either. In fact, the last time I talked about my weight I received a not~so~nice email in reply, so I kinda tucked my tail and decided not to discuss it again. I kept working out and eating properly but I didn’t share as much as I had previously.

In many ways, this silence felt like a betrayal to the people that I was helping and encouraging with their own weight loss struggle. How could I help them while remaining silent about my own battles? Then I saw a request from the Shaklee Corporation for bloggers to apply to become #Cinchspiration bloggers.  And I thought maybe this is the answer, so I applied…

Late last week I found out that 264 female bloggers applied and of those, 50 were selected and I am one of those 50! As a #Cinchspiration blogger, I will blog, Facebook, vlog, tweet and pin my weight loss journey for the next 6 months. My weight loss program will involve using the Cinch® Inch Loss Plan along with exercise. At the end of the 6 months, I along with the other bloggers will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a $10,000 blog~spokesperson contract, a $2500 Macy’s gift card with a personal shopper, an all~expenses paid trip to a social media conference, monthly incentives and so much more.

To see the list of other bloggers who will be joining me on this journey, please click here.

Disclosure: I am receiving free Cinch® Inch Loss Plan products from the Shaklee Corporation in exchange for my participation in the #Cinchspiration campaign.

01st Jun2012

Summer Plans and Staying Connected

by Daenel


Today’s the first day of June, can you believe it? I know everyone is saying this but omg this year has just flown by… It feels like I just finished writing my end of the year wrap up post. Anyway, we don’t have a lot planned for the summer, we’ll probably just go visit family, tour some of the historic sites in the area and  spend the rest of the summer relaxing. Do you have anything planned for your summer vacation?

As the summer comes in full force, I want to take this time to say thank you for reading my blog. I don’t take for granted that you take time out of your day to join me here. Feel free to keep in touch with me through Facebook, flickr, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. And make sure you @ me, so I know you’re there.

Have a happy summer and stay in touch!

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