Coffee? Tea? Grab a Cup and Let's Talk...1. Burger King announced that it will be introducing the bacon sundae throughout the U.S. this summer. That is all.

2. House Hunters┬áisn’t real, y’all. You know the show on HGTV that shows families touring, opining on and, ultimately, purchasing a new home, well, it’s staged. Is nothing sacred? According to the blog, Hooked on Houses, (written by Bobi, a former participant on the show), she and her husband had to actually purchase a home before they were selected to be on the show, then they asked friends if they could “tour” their homes for the show. I’m not totally surprised by this news but I am surprised to find out that so many other people are shocked by this news. Hey, people, it’s “reality TV”, none of it’s “real”.

3. The Sandusky trial. I didn’t say much online when the case first broke because I was so utterly stunned by the attitudes of those directly who were directly and indirectly involved but now all I can say is “What the heck?” Sandusky was first confronted in 1998 by one of the victim’s mothers and nothing was done about it? Not even an investigation. Are you friggin’ kidding me? And the president of the University didn’t want to confront Sandusky because it would be “inhumane”. Seriously? What about the children?

What had you scratching your head this week?