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10 on the 10th: School Days

So that’s a picture of me and my twin sister in high school. We were 15 years old at the time. Judging by our outfits, it looks like we were getting ready to go to school. Yes, that’s how we dressed for classes. True story: I had a baseball cap […]

10 on the 10th questions

10 on the 10th: 03|10|2020

Today is my 47th birthday! I usually share my birth story on the blog, but since I’m doing the 10 on 10 post, I’ll just link to it here. And, in case you’re all, hmmm, I don’t think so, Daenel… Let me tell you, it involves a police car, a […]

Shontel and Daenel {living outside the stacks}


Nikon D7500 + 50mm f/1.8G @ 50mm, ISO 800, 1/125, f/1.8 At the beginning of the year, I’d planned to make a self portrait on the 10th of each month to recognize my birthday. As with most of my projects, this one kinda flittered away. I started making images of […]

My Home Office {living outside the stacks}

My Home Office

When we first moved to our new house, I’d planned to make my office upstairs but Squeekerz had other ideas. He’ll be 18 this year and going up and down the stairs is incredibly difficult for him. For the first few months, I carried him upstairs whenever I needed to […]

The Pleated Poppy

What I Wore Wednesday #16

Hey, y’all!  Thanks for stopping by…  I’m on a natural high today ~ the kids start school tomorrow and I’m soooo excited.  Mr and Miss 15 are going in to the 10th grade and Miss 14 is starting the 9th.  And Miss 17 is getting dropped off at her dorm […]