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10 on the 10th is hosted by Marsha at Marsha in the Middle. In the tradition of old school blogging, she’ll share a list of ten questions or prompts to help us get to know each other better. The linkup goes live on the tenth of the month.

THE PROMPT: Name 10 things you may do this Summer

  • I’ll be attending a Harlem Renaissance themed graduation party this weekend. I’m so excited. The Harlem Renaissance is one of my favorite cultural eras. And the fashions were just *chef’s kiss* perfection.
  • Our commencement ceremony is this month and I have the sneaking suspicion that I’ll be taking the pictures. If so, this’ll be the second year. I get so incredibly nervous because it’s like a wedding — you only have one chance to get the shot.
  • I’m going to submit a presentation for our annual conference. I’m so nervous. If it’s accepted, I’ll be presenting on how libraries can support diversity, equity, and inclusion on college campuses.
  • I may actually work out for a complete week. I found out this week that I’ve had my Peloton for 30 weeks. That means I should be down 30 lbs. Instead I’ve gained 10 lbs. I’m so incredibly frustrated with my weight issue.
  • So I found out the hard way that I’m not in menopause. Another disappointment. So I guess I may be in perimenopause.
  • I may be planning a road trip with 2 of my daughters to visit my youngest daughter. The girls and I haven’t had a mother-daughters road trip in years.
  • I may start wearing lipstick again. I stopped when we started masking up. I still wear a mask, but I miss wearing lipstick. I’m gonna try something budge proof.
  • I may buy some curtains for the house. I’ve always been anti-curtain, but HGTV has me rethinking my position.
  • I may take a film course. I love photography, but I’d really like to learn how to shoot short videos.
  • I may take the Wednesday after the series finale of This Is Us off to recuperate. Y’all, I have watched this show without fail for six years. I cannot believe it has been six years. Anyway, I’m emotionally invested in this family. I’m tied to these people. And knowing that I won’t see them anymore is eating me up inside. That being said, it’s time for the show to end. it’s still on top and it still gets me in the feels.


How would you answer these questions?


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