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I’ve always thought that I didn’t like green. Apparently, I’m quite wrong. Who knew? When I look around my house, I don’t see a lot of green, but when I started scouring my blog, green popped up everywhere. Then I looked at my wrists and noticed the green Apple Watch band {note the olive green embroidered top} and the green bead bracelets {gifts from The Hubs}.


10 on the 10th is hosted by Marsha at Marsha in the Middle. In the tradition of old school blogging, she’ll share a list of ten questions or prompts to help us get to know each other better. The linkup goes live on the tenth of the month.

THE PROMPT: Tell us about 10 of your favorite green things

10 on the 10th Tell Us about 10 of Your Favorite Green Things Facebook {living outside the stacks} Follow @DaenelT on Instagram #Librarianotographer

  1. Handbag by Maxx New York
    DAT_4702.jpg-Gray-Sweater-Skinny-Jeans-Sandals-and-Green-Bag {living outside the stacks} Follow @DaenelT on Instagram
    This cargo bag that I bought from QVC about 5 years ago. It’s the most beautiful shade of grass green and it goes with just about everything. If you’d like to read more about my bag, click here.
  2. #PlantMom
    Green-3-OurProject52-Living-Outside-the-Stacks Follow @DaenelT on Instagram {living outside the stacks} #LibrarianotographerMy grandma was an avid gardener. My fondest memories are of her working in her garden, proudly holding up each and every vegetable, eyeing it as if it were a work of art. I did not inherit her green thumb. However, I do have a love for plants, and keep trying to live that #PlantMom life but…
  3. One of my first photographs
    Gazebo in Shavertown Pennsylvania {living outside the stacks} Follow @DaenelT on Instagram #LibrarianotographerI remember when I took this picture… We were living in Shavertown, Pennsylvania at the time, and my kids and I were hiking the Back Mountain Trail. The trail ran through the mountains, crossing behind people’s homes, ya know? This gazebo appeared just as we walked over a hill. It looked like a little fairy town, so I had to snap.
  4. Green Velvet Curtains
    Velvet Curtains {living outside the stacks} Follow @DaenelT on Instagram #LibrarianotographerI’m obsessed with velvet. It’s seriously my favorite fabric, so when I stumbled across these curtains at Target, I had to have them. I then located the curtains on the website, because I wanted to see what room they used them in and how they styled them. It was the bedroom and I fell in love. You can see my room and the inspiration room by clicking here.
  5. Handbag by Dooney & Bourke
    DAT_4750-Embroidered-Top-Tweed-Pants-and-Brogues-living-outside-the-stacks-@DaenelT-scaled Follow @DaenelT on Instagram #LibrarianotographerYes, another green handbag. In my defense, this is a briefcase style bag, so I don’t think it really counts as a green bag. It’s a little more structured than I tend to go for, but when I saw that shade of green, I simply couldn’t resist. It’s perfect and, like the bag above, goes with everything {notice I’m wearing teal with shades of brown and burgundy in the picture}. You can get a better look at the bag by clicking here.
  6. Green Suede Earrings
    DAT_3485-Purple-Top-with-Black-Leggings-and-Multicolor-Pumps-living-outside-the-stacks-scaled Follow @DaenelT on Instagram #LibrarianotographerI seriously wear these Nickle and Suede olive suede earrings with everything. They’re the perfect neutral.
  7. Pajamas
    DAT_5660.jpg-Identity-Lingerie-Product-Review-living-outside-the-stacks Follow @DaenelT on Instagram #LibrarianotographerIf you do not own a pair of silky pajamas, get yourself a pair now. There are few things more decadent. That’s all I’m saying on that.
  8. Over the Top Brussel Sprouts from Outback Steakhouse
    I used to hate Brussel Sprouts when I was a kid. They were mushy and tasteless and just no. Then I had them with roasted with bacon and I discovered my whole childhood was a lie. Brussel Sprouts are good. But few things compare to Over the Top Brussel Sprouts from Outback Steakhouse. They’re a perfectly balanced mix of spicy and sweet, with a nice little crunch from the bacon.
  9. Encore Dress by Zuri
    5-Zuri-Encore-living-outside-the-stacks-Follow-@DaenelT-on-Instagram-721x1024 Follow @DaenelT on Instagram #Librarianotographer #HeyZuri
    This was my first Zuri purchase. I saw it on one of those targeted Instagram ads and thought it was a scam. Not because it didn’t look legit, but because, you know, Instagram shopping. But I couldn’t stop going back to the website and looking at this dress. Then I found out that these prints are made in a limited quantity, and don’t last long, so I bought it. And I have not been disappointed. I was attracted to the pattern and the colors, it just reminded me of a 1920’s {my favorite style decade}. Then I found out that these dresses are ethically made by women in Africa and, yeah, it was a wrap. I mostly wear them for library conferences as they pack easy and make dressing a delight.
  10. Green Velvet Cardigan
    DAT_1575-Velvet-Cardi-Lace-Tunic-Leggings-and-Boots-living-outside-the-stacks-Follow-@DaenelT-on-Instagram-683x1024 Follow @DaenelT on Instagram #Librarianotographer
    “If it were socially acceptable, I’d wrap myself in velvet,” George Costanza, Seinfeld. Well, George, acceptable or not, I’m doing it. I mean look at this velvet and lace cardigan. Isn’t it the most sumptuous piece of clothing ever? I don’t wear it often, but when I do, my velvet-living heart sings loudly.

I’d love to read your answers to a couple of these questions, please share in the comments below.


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