Coffee Talk {Living Outside the Stacks}1. Have you ever watched TLC’s “My Strange Addiction”? I quit watching after I saw a lady gobble down some of  her husband’s ashes. Kid you not. Anyway, when the show returns on 13 February, they’ll be profiling a woman who eats her cat’s hair. Her favorite way to enjoy the delicacy? Quick and easy, she licks it directly off the cat. Eww eww ewwwwww and that’s not just because cats freak me out either. That show just makes me look at people in a whole new light. And for the record, my weirdest eating habit is that I like to eat Kit Kat bars in a very methodical fashion:

  • Eat the top layer of chocolate and wafer
  • Eat all four sides of chocolate
  • Eat each layer of chocolate and wafer

If you just bite into your Kit Kat please don’t share that with me. That’s just wrong.

2. Vladimir Putin has hired Boys II Men to help boost the birth rate in Russia. I think this is the first time a government has ever shipped inmood music“.  It seems Vlad thinks the group’s soulful sounds and romantic ballads will help get people in the mood by Valentine’s Day so there’ll be a population boom in 9 months. The group is slated to perform in Moscow on 6 February. At his state of the nation address on 21 December, Putin stated that in order for Russia to become stronger “there must be more of us and we must be better in morality, in our competences, our work, and our creativity.” Who says Vlad’s not a romantic?

3. Taylor Swift’s feelings are hurt because people keep making fun of her love life. Or lack there of. Taylor, if you don’t want people to know, quit writing songs about it. In fact, why not take a little time to be alone and figure out who you are and what you want out of life. Have some other life experiences besides dating and breaking up. Enroll in a personal enrichment class: learn to cook, paint some pictures, etc. Just do something besides date.

What had you scratchin’ your head this week?