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We  have a new addition to our family! On Saturday afternoon, The Hubs and I were adopted by Lola, a 4-year-old mutt who looks like she may be Shih Tzu and something else. You can see pictures of her and Bleu on Instagram. So far, things are going well. Actually, they’re kind of ignoring each other. Buuuuut, they also get a little jealous when we’re paying attention to one or the other. So, we sit, rubbing bellies and talking to both of them and hoping they’ll become friends.

About the Fab Forties

The Fab Forties is a group of style bloggers from around the globe who come together once a month to share their common love of fashion. Each month we choose a different theme and invite a guest blogger, who is also in her forties, to join us. The group’s goal is to take on a style trend and show how we each interpret and incorporate it into our lives. Four different ladies, four different styles, you’re sure to find something that inspires you.

The Theme

This month’s theme is Air. I know, right? Honestly, I think this was the most fun of all the elements because air is, for all and intents and purposes, invisible. There’s so much room for interpretation, just look at my cohosts…


This outfit came together pretty easily. Let’s start with the kimono… The color kind of reminded me of morning skies when there are shades of rust, orange, pink, and bluish green. The paisley made me think of line drawings that people use when they’re trying to show the wind blowing. The jumpsuit is light and airy and flowy and has a lot of movement.



So that’s it… We’ve completed the elements and I’ve had sooo much fun.


People always say they can’t wear jumpsuits because of the discomfort of going to the bathroom and, to that, I say “Really?” Wear a tank or a cami if bothers you, but just realize that you’re eliminating a wardrobe staple. Jumpsuits are super versatile. I sure didn’t think this when I bought my first jumpsuit but, this is the third time this one has made an appearance on my blog since I bought it in early Spring. Check out the other ways that I’ve worn it here and here.

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Ada, Elegance and MommyhoodEveryday Life+Style, an Adorable Girl named Vivian, Poetry and more…

The thing about this challenge is that it’s open to interpretation… So how does Ada’s dress fit the theme? You can see that it’s light and airy. There’s movement around the hem and the texture makes me think of bubble wrap {quite possibly one of the most fun and relaxing unintentional stress relievers ever invented}.

Mirielle, {chez mirielle} Fashion travel mom

Mirielle looks like she’s ready to take flight, no? I love the lightness of her outfit, from the flowy fabric to the sky influenced colors. Honestly, everything about Mirielle’s outfit makes me want to exhale. And considering the humidity, I think the fabric would be a delight to the skin.

Shelbee, Shelbee on the Edge  – Rediscover your edge

I officially crown Shelbee the Queen of Tie Dye! The colors make me think of the sky when the clouds are thinly layered and you can catches glimpses of the sky.

Suzy, The Grey Brunette – Happily giving the finger to ageism!

I was walking Bleu and Lola yesterday morning and, I promise you, I saw shades of citron in the sky. It was just before a storm rolled in and it was the most magical thing. And that’s what I thought about when I saw Suzy’s outfit. The colors are very stormy.


Gold Hoop Earrings – Similar | Kimono – Similar, Similar | Ring – Similar | Bracelets – Similar | Jumpsuit – Similar, Similar | Shoes – Similar

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Leave a comment below telling me which element you think would be the hardest to create an outfit around: air, earth, fire, or water?

Now go play in your closet,

Daenel T {Living Outside the Stacks}





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