Cinch Pomegranate Energy TeaLast week was a total fail. I was on vacation with my family and wasn’t as aware of my eating habits as I should have been. I didn’t realize how important it is for me to stick to a regular eating schedule. I had my normal shake in the morning but I usually didn’t get a chance to eat my meal bar until after 2 PM, which meant that I was starving and literally on the prowl for more food. I also wasn’t taking the 3~in~1 Cinch Boost as regularly as I should have. You’re supposed to take them 3 times a day, and I was barely managing 1 a day. Anyway, this wonky schedule led to me making some unhealthy choices when it came time for dinner. Ha, I just looked over last week’s weigh~in post and talked about how important it is for me to maintain a regular eating schedule. I must learn to listen to myself more.

I also found out from the phone call with the nutritionist and the Cinch Wellness website that I was following the program accurately. I thought the tea and the snack bars were optional components. You know, use’em if you want to but you don’t have to. You have to. The tea gives you energy and also helps to suppress your appetite and the snack bar is great for filling in that gap between lunch and dinner.

I did manage to get in some exercise because we did a lot of walking in the hot Mississippi sun. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to make up for my poor choices. In order to lose inches, you have to make the fat cry.

So I’m not gonna wallow in self pity or beat myself up. I’m going to take this as a lesson learned and focus on moving forward. Next week there will be some changes. No, let me be specific, I will lose 2 lbs by Monday, 9 July 2012.

Weigh In

Weight Gain: 1 lb

Goal Weight: 135 lbs

This week, my goals are to:

  • maintain a regular eating schedule
  • track my food intake (that is very important)
  • increase my strength training
  • drink more water
  • eat more fruits and vegetables

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Please keep cheering me on, remember your words of encouragement, support and advice are so very important to me. Thank you!

Disclosure: I am receiving free Cinch® Inch Loss Plan products from the Shaklee Corporation in exchange for my participation in the #Cinchspiration campaign. All opinions are my own.