I am so ready to get my blab on…  I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve tweeted with the girls.  And, boy, have I missed our daily chat fests.

In fact, I have like two minutes to go grab a cup of coffee before the Hot Topics…

So today’s edition of The View is dealing with women and addiction (drugs, alcohol and sex addiction).  Hmmm, I wonder what prompted this topic?  I only ask because there hasn’t been a deluge of news about addicted women or anything.  Although there was that spate of time when it seemed like moms in minivans were causing accidents left and right due to alcohol.

Today’s guest co~host is Kate Gosselin, she of I’m~addicted~to~drama~because~my~uterus~carried~a~litter~of~children fame.  On a positive note, I have to say, Kate’s hair is looking a lot better (even if it is a little Kim Zolciak) and she seems to have lost her scary edge since her divorce from whatshisname.

Hot Topics
The Twins Caused Our Divorce
A study said that parents of multiples are more likely to divorce than parents of singletons because of the stress of finances.  As a mother of twins (someday, I’ll have to tell you the birth story, you won’t believe it), I completely agree.  My husband and I gave up our careers in the Army because we couldn’t afford mentally, emotionally or financially to deal with twins, a toddler and an eight~year-old.

Dr. Drew Pinsky
The king of all addiction media was on to discuss women and addiction.  He stated that women are much more secretive about hiding their addictions and tend to lean more towards addictions that can be hidden e.g. pills.  Women are more harshly criticized for their addictions than men because they are viewed as irresponsible or slackers.  Sherry mentioned the term “coke ho” which is used to describe a cocaine addicted woman meaning that she will do anything for a fix.  Dr. Drew noted that you would never hear a man referred to by such terms.

The one thing that most female addicts seem to have in common is that they were abused as children.  So drugs becomes a coping mechanism that leads to a whole host of other issues.

Mackenzie Phillips and Mindy McCready
Both women had been guests on Celebrity Rehab ~ Mackenzie during a sober stage in her recovery and Mindy’s visit stemming a series of bad personal and professional relationships.  Both stressed that determining addiction is about consequences and maintaining boundaries.

Jennifer Ketcham
“Sex addiction is a real addiction. ”  One of the things that Jennifer said that struck a chord was that she learned to separate the physical act of love from the emotional connection.  That is the one thing that most sex addicts seem to have in common, the detachment.  I wonder if it’s because everything is so sexualized ~ check out this Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup commercial.  I never really noticed it until Miss 16 said “Ewww, that commercial kinda skeeves me.”

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