I’ve had my Peloton Bike+ for a week now and I honestly believe I’ve found something I can stick with. In fact, I look forward to the end of the work day, so I can come home, feed and walk the dogs, then get on my bike. It’s intense. It’s therapeutic. It’s relaxing. All the things that I enjoyed about running without worrying about varying temperatures or inclement weather.

I wasn’t home when the Peloton arrived, but The Hubs said that everything went smoothly. The delivery team put the bike together outside and then moved it upstairs, exactly where I told The Hubs I wanted it placed. I ended up having to move it because the ceiling slopes a little too much for me to stretch properly while on the bike.

Setting the bike up for my use was pretty easy. Once it’s powered on, you connect it to your internet and then follow the steps. I’d already set up an account on the app so I was able to use an access code to connect everything. I had to adjust the seat twice because I didn’t get it right the first time — my arms were too far back, there should be a slight bend in your arms when you’re on the bike.

The one thing I still cannot figure out is how to clip my shoes in and out the pedals, so I just leave them. For now. No one else is using the bike, so that’s not a big issue. However, it will become a problem should a workout require me to quickly dismount and mount the bike.

My Workouts

For the first week I focused my rides on the 20 minute beginner rides. I used these rides as an opportunity to get to know the instructors and familiarize myself with the bike. I also wanted to take this time to gauge my endurance levels and get comfortable on the seat. That seat is no joke. In fact, I ended up ordering a gel seat the second day in and by the time it arrived, my butt had adjusted… I put the padding on the bike anyway and, honestly, I can’t tell the difference.

In case you’re wondering if that 20 minutes was enough to work up a sweat, it was. Every time I finished a ride, I had sweat pouring off of me. I felt a bit of burn in my legs, but not enough to make me want to quit.

I had planned to go a full week before trying a 30 minute ride, but I decided to go ahead and give it a try. I mean, the point is to push myself and get a workout. So, I decided to try my first 30 minute Advanced Beginner Ride on Monday. It was intense. I still need to build up to standing up and riding. I’m incredibly shaky. And the burn in my thighs… *whew* I was not prepared.

I still need to figure out an actual routine. But, for the next two weeks, I’m gonna keep up with the Advanced Beginner Rides. At some point, I want to add in strength training, but I’ll do that in time.

My Stats

Not gonna lie, putting “THE NUMBERS” out there like that is hard. But I’m seeing and feeling changes, so I’m going to keep sharing. My hope is that when I go back to see my doctor, there will be significant changes in my my other numbers {cholesterol, blood pressure, etc}.

If you have a Peloton, I’d love to workout with you. I’m #DaenelT and my hashtag is #TeamLOTS. Give me a follow and I’ll follow you back. I’m also on Fitbit.


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Be healthy,

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