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Hey, y’all, hey. How’s your weekend going so far? Mine is OK. Yesterday was so cold and rainy after several days of darn near 90º weather and today? Well, it’s absolutely perfect, which is big coming from me. It’s 67º, my optimum temp is 72º. It’s a little cloudy but warm. I can deal. I may even grab a book and sit on the front porch and read, right after I hit “Publish”. Or I may go look for some Birkenstocks, I really want a pair {I’m currently wearing generic ‘stocks and they’re not nearly as comfortable as the real deal}.


10 on the 10th_March {living outside the stacks}

10 on the 10th is hosted by Marsha at Marsha in the Middle. In the tradition of old school blogging, she’ll share a list of ten questions or prompts to help us get to know each other better. The linkup goes live on the tenth of the month.

THE PROMPT: Telephone/Cellphone

Do Not Call Text {living outside the stacks}

  1. What kind of phone did you have when you were a kid… landline or cell phone?
    I have a three-part answer to this question. When we were little kids, we had a landline. I can’t remember if it was a wall mount a table top version, but I want to say it was a wall mount. I vaguely remember my mom standing by the wall while talking on it, but I could be mistaken.

    When we were about 10, we moved to Italy and didn’t have a phone in our house. If we wanted to call someone, we made arrangements the day before at school and then used a pay phone or we rode our bikes to each other’s houses. I remember one time, we came back to the States for a visit and my cousin called us on our great grandma’s phone and it was beeping… I thought the phone was broken, so I hung it up. I later found out that it was call waiting. LOL Call waiting, three-way calls, transferring calls were so alien to us. People often ask how we dealt, but it really was a case of you don’t miss what you’ve never had.

    We moved back to the U.S. when we were about 17 and we lived on the phone. It was a wall mount and I used to stretch that cord until it just reached my room, so that I could close the door and talk to my boyfriend in private. Of course, there was always the danger of my parents picking up the extension…

  2. Do you remember party lines?
    Only from episodes of The Carol Burnett Show, which I loooooved to watch before we moved to Italy.
  3. What was your first cell phone?
    I think it was a Motorolla something or other… I know it was a flip phone and I was pretty excited about being able to play Snake on it. Fun fact: my stepfather had one of those big ol’ car phones that took up almost the whole front console area.

    Whenever it was time to get an upgrade, I’d give my old phone to my kids, so my kids had cell phones pretty early on. They were only allowed to call family though. And, because my kids were weird, they adhered to the rule until they were old enough to add friends to the list.

  4. Do you still have a landline?
    We do because it’s part of our cable package. I don’t know the number and the ringer is off, so I don’t even know if we get phone calls on it or not.
  5. Do you screen your phone calls?
    Absolutely. People who know and love me, text. I hate talking on the phone. To be honest, I hate talking period. I can go days without talking and it doesn’t bother me a bit. That being said, I do talk on the phone to my sister just about every day. But that’s because we use that time to decompress and fuss about all the nonsense going on in our daily lives and texting would just be too much.
  6. What is the longest amount of time you’ve spent on the phone?
    I don’t know. I know I’ve stayed on the phone as long as an hour, maybe more with my kids and a few close friends. I’ve also been known to spot call friends — you know where we call each other periodically during the day to pick up a conversation that got dropped because work, kids, life. So if you add all those times up, it may be longer than an hour.
  7. What is your current phone?
    My current phone is an iPhone. I’ve always been Team Android, but The Hubs was using an iPhone while he was traveling and there was FaceTime and emojis and all sorts of other things, so I joined the cult. I’m not happy about it.
  8. Do you use your smartphone only as a phone?
    My phone is my calendar, my alarm clock, and my distraction from the outside world.
  9. When you were a kid, did you play “Telephone”?
    I did not.
  10. Does your significant other have a special ringtone?
    I do have specific ringtones for people I expect to hear from — family and close friends. Everybody else gets that generic ring. I do miss buying special ringtones for special people. I remember listening to the snippets and thinking “Yeah, this makes me think of ___ when I hear it.”


I’d love to read your answers to a couple of these questions, please share in the comments below.


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