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One Year Later…

I’ve been trying to figure out why I’ve been so bleh for the last few days and it just occurred to me that it was a year ago this week that I walked away from everything that meant something to me.  Well, maybe not everything, but at least everything when […]

I write like Dan Brown

I Write Like….

I found this writing analyzer on Lisa’s blog It Keeps Getting Better and decided to give it a try.  The post I chose to have analyzed is called My Droid Hates Me and the Feeling May Be Mutual, it was written just after I traded in my BlackBerry Storm for […]

Weigh~In Wednesday

Wow, I cannot believe I haven’t written a Weigh~In Wednesday post since 21 April.  What’s even sadder is that I weigh about the same thing.  At least I’m consistent, right?  Nor have I gained, so that’s even better.  I haz a Weigh~In Wednesday happy! Two days ago I downloaded the […]

Day 8: Sharing My Favorite Posts

I’ve found that interlinking posts probably benefits me more than it benefits my readers.  You know, I go back through old posts and I’m like dang, did I really write that?  That’s pretty good.  Sometimes you have to pat yourself on the back, especially when others won’t or don’t do […]

Mamavation Button

Mamavation Monday

Forgive me, sistahs, it has been 20 days since my last confession…  In that time, I’ve done so many of the wrong things for my body and for my health.  Let’s see, I’ve eaten ice cream cake, had sodas, eaten fast food and totally given up going to the gym. […]

Problogger Challenge

Day 7: Sharing the Link Love

Ahhhh, the linking post… Sometimes when I’m blog hopping, I’ll read something that inspires me to write and when I do, I like to link to the originating post.  I do it for a variety of reasons, but mostly so that the primary blogger gets credit for my idea and […]