DaenelT on TelevisionI’m a dancer. Not to be mistaken for a person who has rhythm or fancy moves, mind you. But I’m a dancer. Every time I hear music, my feet start tapping, my shoulders start shaking and it’s all over but the hopping on the stage. Of course, I’d never dance on a stage. Imagine me nodding my head yes as I typed that sentence. I even dance during commercials. Lowe’s, anyone? Love Gin Wigmore’s voice. So listening to music while I write is definitely not an option.

Chipmunk Eating Beggin' StripI watch television. Yep, I turn the television on and just let it flow. Well, not really flow. It comes out more like starts and stops. I write a few sentences, get up and make a cup of coffee. Write a few sentences, play with the dog. Write a few sentences, check Facebook and Twitter, comment on a few blogs. Write a few sentences, dance to a commercial or two. You get the picture. Yes, I’d say focus is my Ohmygosh look at that chipmunk…

National Blog Posting MonthWhat was I saying? Oh, yeah, television helps me focus. Ummmm, not really but that’s an excuse that has served me well since high school. I like the background noise. Most of the time it doesn’t matter what’s on, but I usually try to keep it on the news or something along those lines. Every now and then I’ll flip it to “Designing Women” Thank you, TV Guide Network or John Hagee if he’s on. I know my television taste is completely random but that’s how I roll write.

What about you, can you listen to music and write? What song gets your creative juices flowing?

Today’s post was written in response to the writing prompt for National Blog Posting Month. For more information, go here.