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365 Project: March 2021

And that’s a wrap on another month of pictures… The Hubs and I celebrated 26 years this month. Our celebrations were low-key. We’ve never been one of those go all out and celebrate one day kind of couples because, well, every day demands a bit of pomp and circumstance, don’t […]

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My Photography Project: Music I

Nikon D7500 + 35mm f/1.8G @ 18mm, ISO 1000, 1/40, f/6.3 Music does a lot of things for a lot of people. It’s transporting, for sure. It can take you right back, years back, to the very moment certain things happened in your life. It’s uplifting, it’s encouraging. It’s strengthening. […]

365 Project: February 2021

Because I took the time to make a badge for January and I wanna share it… LOL When I first started this project, I’d initially planned to post weekly. Well, life happened and here we are… A month of photos. At some point, things will settle down and I can […]

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365 Project: Week 5

29.365 It turns out The Hubs is a better plant parent than I am. 30.365 “I think I like wildflowers best…” – Rebecca Donovan, What If 31.365 Goodbye, January. 32.365 Because this skirt is all kinds of fabulous and this time last year I couldn’t zip it up. 33.365 Working […]

365 Project: Week 4

22.365 It was a rainy day… 23.365 Army Candy… 24.365 I had take this from my stash because I didn’t shoot anything today. 25.365 Are these not the cutest shoes? 26.365 Another from my stash because I didn’t have the will or the motivation to shoot anything. 27.365 She’s heart […]

365 Project: Week 3

15.365 He’s baaaaack. 16.365 Saw this dude while I was out for a drive. 17.365 You can read my review here. 18.365 Car rides. Loud music. And historic towns. 19.365 Good morning. 20.365 Bleu wore her pearls and I wore my Chucks. 21.365 Have a day full of happiness. Happy […]

365 Project: Week 2

8.365 Still here in all of her glory… 9.365 Hope y’all are having a happy Saturday! 10.365 Faceless Self Portrait for my Self Portrait of the Month Project. 11.365 I got to experience a “Louisiana Snow Day.” 12.365 We agreed to a bit of lounge time outside of the crate. […]

365 Project: Week 1

I think I started two personal photography projects last year and I failed to complete both of them. I felt little to no desire to pick up my camera. Sometimes when I start feeling that way, I take my camera and visit the students at the training center to snap […]