Shoe Style Saturday

Those are my goldy bronzey gladiatoresque shoes. I absolutely adore them. I’ve never owned metallic shoes before, I was never quite sure how to get those silvers and golds to fit into my wardrobe. Of course now I understand that you have to treat metallics like a neutral and let them be your statement piece all at the same time. Such a delicate balance we wanna be Shoe~a~nistas walk! Do you like that word? I made it up.

Shoe Style Saturday Collage

This week was spent trying to find our summer groove. My kids are older so I don’t really have to entertain them much but I don’t want them just sitting around the house on the computer all day either. So I took the girls butterfly hunting at the Conservation Center,we didn’t find any butterflies but we did find some beautiful flowers.

The girls and I also went to the Cape Girardeau Memorial Park because Miss 15 said she saw some peacocks there. I just had to go check it out and, sure enough, there are peacocks living in the cemetery.

On Monday, the hubs and I went and took a tour of the Kent Library on the Southeast Missouri State University campus. Yep, I’m just that kinda girl. There’s just something about libraries that gets me all tingly inside. Oh, I think it’s the fact that all sorts of knowledge reside within those walls.

And yesterday was all about me. I visited the mother ship aka Hobby Lobby and picked up some yarn for a new project that I’m totally stoked about and will share the details of later… Anyway, I’ve been itching to redecorate the house so I’m also keeping my eyes peeled for summery fabrics for throw pillows or wall art.

So that just about wraps up my week…

Where did your shoes take you this week?

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So, come on and show me your femme fatale flats, those sexy stilettos and pin~up peep toes, yes, even your racy runners.