I have not exercised at all. Last week, our church was crazy busy and I was just making it home from work with enough time to shower, make dinner for the family and get out of the house, so that left little time for anything else. Confession: On days when I haven’t had time to cook, I’ve eaten fast food. This week will also be pretty busy, so I’m going to have to set my alarm a little earlier and get up to do something. Groan I am not a morning person, but I know if I want to see something happen I have to start doing things a bit differently.

#Cinchspiration Weight Loss

Weight Change Since Last Week:  +0.4 lbs

Total Weight Lost: 5 lbs

Goal Weight: 135 lbs

I am pretty happy to see that my slacking didn’t do that much damage, only a 0.4 lb weight gain. I can handle that. But I really want to start seeing the scale moving downwards again.  And getting this message from RunKeeper is a pretty powerful motivator, dontcha think?

Note from Runkeeper

With that in mind, this week, my goals are to:

  • workout daily
  • no matter how short I am on time, eat REAL food
  • increase my strength training
  • drink more water
  • eat more fruits and vegetables

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Please keep cheering me on, remember your words of encouragement, support and advice are so very important to me. Thank you!

Disclosure: I am receiving free Cinch® Inch Loss Plan products from the Shaklee Corporation in exchange for my participation in the #Cinchspiration campaign. All opinions are my own.