Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

No Cell Phones in Hospitals, Or How the Hubs Almost Killed Me

No Cell Phones
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The hubs will tell anyone who asks that he prayed that God would send someone like me into his life. He will also tell them that he should have been a little more specific in his request, you know other than “Please let her be smart and pretty enough that I don’t have to close one eye to look at her.” He should have added “And let her be a mature responsible woman who doesn’t act crazy in hospitals.” Really, some of our best funniest stories have occurred in hospitals.

I think this moment is probably one of the top times when the hubs has seriously rethought his prayer request…

You know how hospitals have big ol’ honkin’ signs all over that say “No Cell Phones Past This Point”? Yeah, they’re there for a reason. So one day after undergoing surgery, I decided to “playfully” demonstrate to the hubs that the no cell phone policy was not a suggestion…

Me: lying on the bed in the recovery room, I open my eyes to see the hubs dialing numbers on his cell phone

Hubs: “Hi, just wanted to call and let you know Daenel’s out of surgery… Yeah, she’s doing fine… We’re in the recovery room…”

Me: starts flopping around on the bed like I’m having convulsions “C~c~c~cell ph~ph~phone. Hang it up! N~n~n~now!”

Hubs: Drops the phone and runs out into the hall “Doctor! Doctor! Come quick! Something’s wrong!”

Me: laughing hysterically “Dude, I’m ok. I was just messing with you.”

It’s been 10 years since my surgery and the hubs still doesn’t find this story anywhere near as amusing as I do. Therefore, I’m not allowed to tell it very often. But I figure since I’m 10 years cancer free we can all celebrate with a good laugh.

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