I know I said orange was difficult to find but let me tell you, white was darned near impossible. I mean I didn’t get desperate enough to wish for snow or anything but I did have to get creative with some eggs for a couple of shots and dip into my folder of old photographs for others.

Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge

Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge

I took these pictures at the Cape Girardeau Conservation Center late last week. I love walking around the Conservation Center, it’s so beautiful and peaceful. I can’t wait to go there in the Spring and Summer when all of the flowers are in bloom and the butterfly gardens are alive with the flitter of wings…

Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge

This picture was taken earlier this summer during a visit with my parents and children to the Memphis Zoo. Seeing this flower brings back wonderful memories of getting to spend time with my kids and travel without being on a schedule, I’ll always treasure the memories.

Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge

Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge

I wasn’t sure if I’d have anything to post for this week’s challenge, so I played around with some broken egg shells to see if I could get something cool, I think I achieved my goal.

Egg in Miss 16's Hand

I know this one doesn’t fit the challenge parameters but Miss 16 helped me out by holding the egg, so I’m including it in the set. Thank you, baby girl!


Shades of Autumn Photo ChallengeThe Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge is hosted by Alicia at Project Alicia, Kristi at live and love…out loud and Rebecca at Bumbles & Light. There’s also a flickr group and a Pinterest board for those of you who are looking for some photographic inspiration…

The themes are:

7 ~ Green
14 ~ Yellow
21 ~ Orange
28 ~ Red

4 ~ Purple
11 ~ Brown
18 ~ White
25 ~ Shades of Autumn Finale

To participate:

Share your favorite images inspired by the Autumn shade of the week each Friday. Your image must contain at least 50% of the color of the week; the autumn shade should be the main focus of your photograph. Selective coloring is discouraged.

Images can either be linked through your Shades of Autumn blog post or to a picture on Flickr (please do not just link to your blog’s homepage). You can also add your pictures to the Shades of Autumn Flickr Group.

Don’t forget to hit the linky, it’ll be open from 12:01 AM Friday to 11:59 PM Wednesday, and grab the badge.