I grabbed my coffee, sat back and watched The View. As usual, the ladies had me feeling a little manic with the yelling and laughing but, omg, it’s so nice to be able to share my enthusiasm with you and my fellow fans on twitter. Otherwise, I’d be sitting here going crazy.

Hot Topics
The Backup Plan
The ladies talked about the cast of the Jersey Shore and how they need to have a backup plan for when their 15 minutes of fame are up. I think this goes without saying and if they have good people in their corner they are setting aside some of their earnings for the future. Enough celebrities have been bankrupted because of their own negligence and their inability to see past their immediate gratification that I hope these kids have learned something. However, I have the feeling that they haven’t (evidenced by the blank faces when the cast was asked about a 5 year plan).

I think one of the biggest problems is that these reality stars think they are the next Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton and can parlay their 15 minutes into a “career” what they don’t realize is that these girls have something to fall back on ~ family money!

Germy Hands
Whoopi decided to share her cure for ending nail biting ~ think about what you touch and what other people touch. Think about how often you see people picking their noses while driving or how often people use the bathroom. Now think about how often those people may or may not wash their hands. Yeah, that’s going into your mouth. Please, just put me in a bubble!

The Guests
Nadya “Octomom” Suleman
This lady infuriates me. I don’t even understand why she keeps getting attention. Being able to breed does not make one a celebrity… What she did, having all of those babies, was an incredibly selfish act. She could have lost her life ~ leaving behind 14 orphans. She also risked the mental and physical well-being of her children. And now she’s pimping herself and her children so that she can support them.

I had kind of hoped that her interview would show a woman who has matured with the responsibility that has come to her, instead, I saw a woman who is in desperate need of help. She said that she is delusional about being able to lead a “normal” life, I’d say she’s delusional on a lot more issues than that.

Ok, let’s get real on a few points:

1. She did not get that incredible body through exercising 3 hrs a day. I don’t have any young children at home still I find it hard to squeeze in a 45 minute workout, so how she can do it with 14, puh~leeze…. I’m just hoping the nannies who are watching them are nurturing.

2. To say that she is not interested in celebrity is insane. She’s exploiting herself and her children for a buck. I hope she has a backup plan…

3. She talks like she is on something. The best description of this woman, “nuts with a touch of creepy” (thank you @multitaskingme and @ThriftyMamaB).

Danielle Steel
The grand dame of the romance novel….Omg, I grew up reading her books. I learned about love, heartbreak, redemption and hope from her. I cannot believe she has written 111 books. Wow! That is crazy.

Danielle Steel is such a contrast to the craziness that is Nadya Suleman. I think the one positive that I drew from her interview is that parents have to love their children and tell them that they are smart and beautiful ~ instill in them a sense of self confidence so they know they can accomplish anything.

I know a lot of people dismiss Danielle Steele novels as formulaic but that’s what I like about them. Her books provide an escape from the craziness that is real life therefore I am looking forward to hitting the bookstore so I can pick up her latest book, Big Girl. Prepare for a review.

Now, you blab back. Tell me what you thought of today’s show. Should teenaged reality stars be forced to set aside a percentage of their earnings? Do you think people are too hard on Nadya Suleman? Is Danielle Steel’s new book on your reading list? Please, share….

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