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First of all, I need to apologize to my cohosts. This post was due on Friday. It is now Saturday night Sunday afternoon. I don’t have an excuse other than lack of motivation. Which I guess is kind of appropriate for this post…

If you read this blog on a regular basis, then you know that I’ve already shared a bit about my work space. If you missed it, you can read it here. Today we’re supposed to write about how we work.

I rarely write opinion posts anymore, much of my content is centered around clothes or themes like this one. When writing my style posts, I think about the style theme, then I pick out an outfit and take the pictures. The writing generally consists of a few words about the outfit and why I chose to wear certain pieces and that’s about it. Those types of posts are easy to write but they’re incredibly time consuming.

Taking and editing the pictures usually takes me a couple of hours. Well, no, that’s not totally accurate. I generally give myself about 30 minutes for pictures, so I try to take as many pictures as I can in that time frame. I can usually get any where from 60 to 65 images in that period of time. The time consuming part is culling and editing the images. I used to hand edit all of my pictures – which took forever – but I’ve started using presets {fancy filters} and then tweaking them to meet my needs.

I use Lightroom {I also edit my mobile images using Lightroom on my iPhone} to edit all of my pictures. There is a bit of a learning curve, but since I started using presets, things go a lot more smoothly. After I edit my images, I go to PicMonkey to add my watermark. This can be done in Lightroom, but old habits die hard. LOL

Once my images are edited, I upload them to my blog post and then save it as a draft. As an fyi, I start all of my posts on my desktop then switch to my iPad to fill in the details. I do this because it allows me to veg in front of the TV while I write.

Once I’m satisfied with my post, I hit “publish” and call it a night.

When I used to write my Coffee Talk posts, I spent waaaaay more time writing than I do now. I enjoyed them but life started happening and, before I knew it, it’d been 2 years between posts. I think if I were going to do that series again I’d do as a vlog. I think those types of posts lend themselves well to conversational type of posts. And being able to hear tone and emotion would help a lot, I think. What do you think?

Here’s a list of the tools that I use for my blog:


Welcome to the monthly edition of Where Bloggers Live. It’s kind of like HGTV’s “Celebrities at Home,” but…Bloggers! Who doesn’t like to peek behind the scenes and see inside people’s homes? Over the next few months, a group of seven bloggers will be sharing their work spaces, their homes, towns and more!

I should note – because this is super important – the creative brain behind this project is Bettye at Fashion Schlub! Love her!

Where Bloggers Live

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Come back next month to learn more about where I live.


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