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Hi, and welcome to my space. The Hubs and I have lived here about two years now and I’m just now starting to appreciate having an outdoor living space. No, scratch that, being quarantined has made me appreciate having an outdoor living space. We’ve been confined to our house since the middle of March, so the front porch has become our connection to life outside of our house.


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Our front porch doesn’t really look out on to much… Just the road through our neighborhood and our neighbor’s house. There are a few squirrels that like to play chase in our trees, for the most part, though, our neighborhood is pretty quiet. Bleu’s favorite thing is to stake out a space on the sidewalk and wait for my daughters to come by with belly rubs.

Our porch isn’t particularly large. It spans the length of the house and is hidden behind a row of bushes. We go back and forth over whether or not we should remove the bushes and replace them with plants. Honestly, though, we probably won’t. We like the privacy that the hedge provides. And neither of us has a green thumb, so we’re just happy that these guys have survived.

Right now, the chairs are metal, but we want something a little more comfortable, we just can’t decide what. Whatever it is, it has to match the tables that I just bought…


I found the tables on Wayfair and almost immediately fell in love with them. I like the color and the pattern – it’s bright and happy. And they’re the perfect height for our chairs. Before I bought these, The Hubs was using a pile of bricks for his drinks. Kid you not. It was kind of funny.

I’m also looking for a mat for the front door. I want a large colorful one that serves as a happy welcome to our home. The funny thing is that I’m not totally sure what I’m looking for, I just know that I’ll know it when I see it. Do you shop like that too?

I’ve seen some outdoor spaces that look like full on living rooms, they have outdoor lighting, tables, and seating areas. I’d like for us to get to that point in the near future, but it’s really hard to shop for porch furniture online. I like to be able to sit on things and touch them. I want to make sure everything coordinates, ya know?

If you’re interesting in seeing my patio/porch inspiration, visit my Pinterest board here.


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I should note – because this is super important – the creative brain behind this project is Bettye at Fashion Schlub! Love her!

Where Bloggers Live

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