I always refer to our pups as our hairy toddlers.


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THE THEME: My pets


When the kids were little, we promised to get them a dog if they got good grades. Over achievers that they were, they all came home with nothing less than a “B.” So that night, I combed the newspapers {remember those?} looking for a free or low-cost pup {we weren’t quite so aware of the seedy world of dog breeders back then} and I found a listing for a Jack Russell | Chihuahua mix. I called the number and spoke to a man who told me that he only had one dog left and he wasn’t sure if the little guy was going to make it because he was the runtiest of runts.

I called The Hubs and told him all about the pup and we weighed the pros and cons of getting the kids a dog that may or may not survive. We decided to go for it.

While I was at work, The Hubs and the kids loaded up the mini van and drove about 45 minutes to meet the newest member of our family. He was teeny. And made the weirdest little squeeky noise when he tried to bark. The kids insisted upon naming him “Squeekerz” because of it. We begged and offered to pay them to change their minds, but they were adamant that his name be “Squeekerz.”

Squeekerz was a terrible dog. He didn’t come when we called him. He turned his back to us when we left him. He shivered like he was freezing, even in eighty degree temps. But we loved him dearly and wouldn’t have traded him for anything in the world.

But, as happens as kids grow up, he moved from child to child, until finally it was just him, The Hubs, and me. Squeek lived with us for 17 years and he’ll always be part of our lives.


We adopted Bleu about a week after Squeekerz passed away. I hadn’t planned to adopt another dog, in fact, I only went to the shelter at the insistence of The Hubs. I was so determined that I wasn’t going to adopt a dog, that I created an impossible set of standards that no dog could meet.

When we walked into the shelter, I saw Bleu sitting in a cage; she was so quiet and subdued. The other dogs were jumping around, barking, and trying to get our attention. I went to her cage and held my hand down so she could sniff it. She turned her back to me and I fell in love. I looked at her and said “You’re coming home with me.” The Hubs told me to walk around and make sure she was the one.

She was.

He said he knew as soon as he saw her.

She’s the sweetest little girl. But she has a bit of an attitude. I love it. From the moment I walk through the door until it’s time for bed, she’s my shadow.


Lola was a surprise.

The Hubs and I went to the pet store to get some food and other supplies for Squeekerz, when I saw a bunch of little pups running around in a gated area. As one does when one sees dogs, I went over and started playing with them. Lola jumped up in my lap, snuggled into me and almost immediately fell asleep. Well, I couldn’t wake her, so she came home with us.

Honestly, there were a few additional steps in between, but, much to Bleu’s dismay, she ended up with a sister who drives her up the wall. Lola is a snuggle bug and loves to be cuddled. Bleu is not. Over the last few months, they’ve formed a little girl gang. They kind of remind me of my two youngest daughters when they were both at home — always huddled together, looking like their plotting…

There you have it, all the pups who’ve adopted my family over the past twenty or so years.

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