When I first saw this theme, I was like, no one wants to see my closet. I mean, it’s probably the most boring room in my house. Then I took pictures and started trying to explain my organization scheme and I realized y’all are gonna think something is wrong with me. There probably is…

Besides the organization, there are two things that I’m pretty insistent on:

  • Wooden hanger for my dresses, pants, and tops
  • Plastic skirt hangers for my skirts

Every now and then, The Hubs will put a wire hanger in my closet or move something around to see how long it takes me to notice. It’s immediate. I can tell when he’s been in my closet. It’s like there’s a disturbance in the force. Even when he doesn’t touch anything. It just feels “off.” My family finds this little quirk of mine incredibly amusing and disturbing.

This is the view of my closet when you first open the door. Of all of our homes, this may be the smallest closet I’ve ever had. Every few months, I think about tearing it down and figuring out a true blue organization system. Other times, I think about converting our guest room into a closet. We’ve lived here a little over two years and neither has happened so I’m guessing it probably never will.

My closet is pretty organized. Everything is in alphabetical order according to color, then by sleeve length, and collar. I joke that I can get dressed in the dark and come out perfectly coordinated. This is not by accident. I like to know where everything is in my closet. Everything is facing the same direction, buttons are buttoned, and zippers are zipped. I’m a little less *insert psycho noise* about shoe laces and buckles.

The Top Shelf

The right side of my closet shelves is reserved for shoes shoes that I rarely wear – heels, dressy shoes, ankle boots, etc. They’re pretty and funky, so I like to keep them wear I can see them.

The left side top of my closet is reserved for camisoles and containers of nail polish, jewelry, and other little knickknacks. The very top shelf holds my purses and the storage bags that they come in. For whatever reason, most of my handbags are in random places all over the house….

The Closet

The right side of my closet is for my blouses and tops, while the left side is for my bottoms: shorts, jeans, pants, skirts, dresses, and jumpsuits. Again, everything is organized alphabetically by color, style, and function.

The Hubs closet, which is directly across from mine, is not similarly organized, which is why the door is closed. I start twitching just looking at it.

The Floor

The floor is wear I keep the shoes that I wear on a regular basis.

Bonus: My Running Gear

I keep my running gear in the guest room closet. Again, everything is organized:

Left Side: Tops

  • Sports bras
  • Tanks
  • Short sleeves
  • Long sleeves
  • Walking shoes

Right Side: Bottoms

  • Socks
  • Shorts
  • Capris
  • Leggings
  • Running shoes

If you’re wondering, yes, I’ve always been this organized. Even as a kid. I don’t like for my stuff to be out of place. Serving in the Army and having to fold my tees and under garments to the size of a dollar bill did not stress me in the least bit. In fact, I kind of enjoyed the challenge. But, then again, I’m weird. I own it.

What does your closet look like? Are you organized? Or do your things just get in where they fit in?


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Where Bloggers Live

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