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ABCs of Me

Google Friend Connect is disappearing soon, but I’d love for us to stay together. You can read my blog in your favorite reader through my RSS feed, join the conversation on Facebook or chat with me on Twitter. Make sure you give a shout out and let me know you’re […]

Wrought Iron Gate

Random Thoughts

How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was pretty good, we spent it with the parentals. My dad had knee replacement surgery a few weeks ago and is using a walker, this has provided endless amusement for me. Yesterday, I decorated it with ribbons and bells ~ you can check out the […]

The Hubs

Touring Historic Mississippi

We’ve been spending the week with the parentals in Mississippi, which has been a lot of fun. We arrived on Wednesday and immediately slipped into a state of relaxation ~ like the hubs says, sometimes you really need to just get away from your life… So this morning, he asked […]

Word Filled Wednesday: Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year, I’m thankful for so much ~ I’m thankful for a God who has shown me love and mercy through it all. I’m thankful for my family who has been through so many changes this year but has grown closer and more loving. I’m thankful for new friends who’ve […]

Yarn Along: Iced Pumpkin Scarf

Yarn Along

A few weeks ago, my friend, Mylynka from Finding Myself Fit by Forty, posted a picture of herself on Facebook wearing a scarf that I’d made for her so that I could see her in it, this led to a few of her other friends admiring the scarf  and asking […]


Hanging with My Sister

One of the benefits of moving from Pennsylvania to Missouri is that it has put me within driving distance of my twin sister, which means that I get to see my nephews… The chubby baby, whom I affectionately call “Baby Danny” even though that’s not his name. In the middle […]

Learner's Permit

Random Thoughts

The boy got his learner’s permit this week. That’s pretty scary. I’ve lived with this boy all of his life and I’ve seen him do some things that have made me shake my head… Now he’s about to be turned lose on the public. Behind the wheel of a vehicle. […]