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Mother's Day Facebook Status

Happy Mother’s Day

This morning my kids did something they’ve never done before ~ they made me breakfast.  In bed. I got up because I heard Squeekerz scratching at my door, not because he really wanted to be in my room but because he wanted to be away from the kids.  Have I […]

Shoe Style Saturday

Shoe Style Saturday

I can’t remember when or where I bought the shoes but I can remember when I bought the bag… I had just graduated from Drexel University and, with shiny degree in hand, was preparing to get my first full~time position as a librarian at a local college.  For the interview, […]


Loose Threads and Other Random Thoughts

1.  Our dog, Squeekerz, has a bad attitude.  I suspect it’s because the kids named him “Squeekerz” and because they keep dressing him up like he’s a toy.  That’s him in the picture with Miss 15, you can’t see it but his eyes are screaming “Help me!”  When he was […]

What I Wore Tuesday

What I Wore Wednesday #6

Join me for Shoe Style Saturday this Saturday! I’m a shoe girl big time but I also love clothes, handbags, jewelry and makeup but that’s another story. Anyway, I decided to create Shoe Style Saturday as a way to challenge myself to wear every pair of shoes that I own […]