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Shoe Style Saturday

I didn’t really do much this week… The hubs got his car back, so we are once again a two car family. Happiness. I think we were both driving each other nuts. I know there are families who share a car and it works for them but I’ve had my […]

Two {What I Wore Wednesday}

Are You a Shoe Girl? Please Join Me on Saturday for Shoe Style Saturday! (click here for more information) Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve participated in What I Wore Wednesday. The last time I checked in was in January. So, what’s been keeping me away? Absolute sheer […]

Swing or Drop {Scavenger Hunt Sunday}

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Hi, everyone! Hope you’ve had a fabulous weekend. This is the first time since the beginning of the month that I haven’t been sick so I’m beyond happy. Seriously, what did my kid bring home from school? ‘Cause yuck! If this is your first time here, please feel free to […]

Natural Hair

That Hair Thang {Vlog}

Just a quick vlog to answer some questions that I’ve received about my hair, transitioning and the attitude of black women towards their hair. This is my hair, 9 months into the transition stage. From the roots to where the reddish brown begins is all new growth (hair that hasn’t […]

Photographer's Choice {Scavenger Hunt Sunday}

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Hi! Welcome to another edition of Scavenger Hunt Sunday. What a great week I’ve had: I was selected to be a small group leader for an online Bible study program which has me so excited, I finally got my Facebook page set up and I’m loving it (please click here […]