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Evening Sky 9 comments
The other day I was cleaning up my desktop and found about a million folders marked “New Folder” {Why do I name them that? Can’t I be just a little bit more original? Descriptive even?} and inside of them were a couple hundred unedited photographs. These are just a few […]

Random Stuff {This or That Thursday}

Light {Living Outside the Stacks} 6 comments
Last week, the hubs, Miss 15 and I were driving into town when the hubs pulled over and said “You have got to get a picture of that sky!” It was the most spectacular looking thing we’d seen in just about forever. As I snapped away, I kept telling him, […]

He is the Light {Word Filled Wednesday}

Peahen 8 comments
When Miss 15 told me that she’d gone with some friends to visit the peacocks at the Cape County Memorial Park, I was tad skeeved, slightly intrigued and a little bewildered. Peacocks. In a cemetery. Really? Yes, really. Also, I hope y’all are impressed with me right now considering my […]

Peacocks. In a Cemetery. Really? {This or That Thursday}